Hints and Cryptic Ramblings

Date Posted: 5th Jul 2011 at 5:18 PM

Wow, a whole 7 months since my last update in my journal.. Okay, so a lot has happened since then.

For starters, the biggest thing might be that on June 21st 2011, it was 1 year to the day my mother passed, at the all-too-soon age of 52.

Next, and one thing that I know she would be proud of, I have made my comeback to The Sims community, after overcoming some emotional hurdles, which close friends helped me get through. My comeback home, 'The Hannah', not only got accepted without a changes required, but it got PICKED! =D This marks the first house that I have had picked within the first 2 days of it being uploaded, so that is one of my sim-career goals I can check off.

There is also some news on upcoming projects. In the last week, I have been getting into actually making sims, which for me is really odd and new, but I am absolutely LOVING it I actually think one of them is ready to upload, after showing it in CFF and #create and getting feedback. His name? Ziggy 'Hobo' Atkins If the name isn't a hint, he is a hobo :P

There is also another that not many have seen yet, named Frank Quarrall, a psychiatrist/psychologist/doctor/something (obviously his career is only semi-decided at this point), with a chubby square face, balding hair and very nerdy glasses. He really gives off a quack vibe to me, it might be his nose...

Anyway, ANOTHER project, Temperance Bay, is in the works, a HUGE undertaking, if this ever gets completed, it will be a miracle, but one I am dead set wanting to achieve.

Now, what houses am I working on, you ask? I have two at the moment that are half finished, both rather obscure, which is a big leap for me, as I haven't ever stepped out of that suburbanish modern vibe, apart from one or two. I will just say that BOTH of these are like... unimaginably different from ANYTHING you have EVER seen from me before. I'll give you two HINTS, one for each project

Project 1 - This project, lets call it "S. Grunge" will be on a 60x60 lot, and will have an IMMENSE amount of work dumped into it. I have already spent a total of 40 hours on it and I don't have an interior floorplan or any elaborate landscaping done yet.

Project 2 - This project involves armiel's wonderful DIY Build set, and it WILL remain a secret until the minute it is released, as it has NEVER, to my knowledge, been done before, on ANY other SIMS 3 site, or at least out of the mountains of lots that are posted both at MTS and on MySims3Blog. Your little hint for this project however? Think "Pine freshly cut". Thats it, thats ALL I will say. /me is giddy with excitement.

Oh. One more quick thing about Project 2? Ziggy is related to it.

I LOVE being all cryptic. Its new for me, but oh so fun.

Anyways, I thought since all you guys that have favourited me have been missing my lots and stuff, I hope so anyway, that I would give you something to tide you over until my next upload.

Best wishes and kind regards.

/me rushed this because he realized that he told armiel he was going to bed... she's gonna be pissed. :P
BYE NOW! *Goes to sleep*

IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT EITHER PROJECT 1 OR PROJECT 2 IS, DO NOT SAY IT BELOW, EMAIL ME INSTEAD, AND I WILL SHOW YOU A PICTURE OF EITHER PROJECT 1 (IF YOU GUESS CORRECTLY) OR AN UPDATED PICTURE OF ZIGGY OR FRANK(BOTH WIP'S) You only get to see if you get it right though, and I cannot show you Project 2 just yet, like I said in the post, but if you guess the actual concept then I can show you what I said I would above.

To send me your guesses, just PM me via MTS's PM service.
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Date Posted: 31st Dec 2010 at 3:21 AM

I figured I would let you know whats been happening since my last upload :P

I have been taking a break from The Sims, and have been doing renovations IRL, I have been on holidays for the past month and a half, and just got back from a vacation in which we were stranded in a country town due to Australia's wierd floods of late. Believe me, watching movies in a motel for 2 days cause you're trapped is really boring, no matter what the movie.

I have come home now, and have discovered that my computer is broken, keeps turning off during startup, so I've checked it into a computer place, sorta pissed too, since its only 4 months old, and a custom built pc.. but anyways..

Hopefully I can get it back in the next week, along with 2 new LED 23inch Monitors.. maybe a mouse, some more RAM... savings and XMAS money ftw

Anyways. Thats whats been happening with me.. so.. yeah.
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Date Posted: 18th Jun 2010 at 4:08 AM

Okay, so I figured what with the current buzz (however small) of my new world, I would have a guest book for you guys to comment in
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More Computer Troubles and the first download of the Joint Account!

Date Posted: 11th Nov 2009 at 6:03 AM

Okay, so, since my last journal entry, a couple of things have happened.

1. I have preordered Sims3 WA and its on its way,
2. The first download on the Joint Account is up, called the Invisible and Almost Invisible Fencing set
3. My gaming rig has started crashing. This gaming rig is only 9 months old, so I am extremely depressed about it, as I have to fork out more money for it to be fixed. Don't worry though, I should be back to creating in about a week, just in time for WA, if all goes according to plan. It is actually in the shop right now, as we speak, and it is getting reformatted, which I am also quite unhappy about because I have to install EVERYTHING again. A huge pain, especially because I don't know where half of my custom content I have is from, and I don't think the guy doing it will save all of my music, some 20GB worth.

So, this post is just to let you know whats up in my life, and if you have the time, go over to TB Creations (me and VoiceIHear)'s journal and read up on our latest projects and designs. Oh, and I wanted to also tell you that If my PC is back in a week, I will be starting to create a hell of alot more, because of it being 10 weeks holidays here in Queensland, Australia


Yours in simming,
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Date Posted: 29th Oct 2009 at 1:36 AM

Dear Simmers, Creators and Guests

So, after a couple of days of trying to get into contact with some creators from MTS, I have suceeded and also, would like to announce that I am going to be teaming up with VoiceIHear so that we can reproduce some if my ideas for TS3. The ideas, will not be big, well, not at first, because as you all know, TS3 is a new game, and we need to develop skills in meshing before starting on huge projects. The first couple of projects will be conversions and 3 extremely simple objects, that are going to be quite useful.

I will not give it away, because there are people on MTS, that might steal ideas, and since I actually think these are good ones, I want it to be a surprise! I will say, however, that one of the objects involves CONSTRAINFLOORELEVATION, and another one is an invisible recolour.

Haha, Look forward to it, as do I and VoiceIHear.

Oh, and before I forget, I have not given up on creating homes, far from it. Right now, I am working on a tribute home for my uncle, who passed away about a month before TS3 was released. It has 5 Bedrooms and 7 Bathrooms.

Regards, and happy simming,
tomvanroosmalen (and soon enough, VoiceIHear)

PS, I have been saving for the first expansion pack for TS3, and am quite happy to announce that I now have enough to get it, plus a little something for myself!

PSS, If you are a creator, of lots or object meshes for TS3, and would like to share ideas and designs over msn, for fun, or you are a first time creator looking for help with your first house, then please feel free to add me to your msn! My msn is [email protected]
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I am Back!

Date Posted: 31st Aug 2009 at 6:21 AM

Finally, everything is returning to normal. The renovations are finished, my internet is fixed and I can resume creating homes. However, I have now got the Flu, or something like it. So, for me, this is probably the only time im going to be on for the next week. But, rest assured, when i recover, I will take more requests, and build more homes.. In the meantime, send requests, comment on my homes and most important of all, download them!.

Happy simming
Tom Van Roosmalen - Creator
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Date Posted: 5th Aug 2009 at 9:15 AM

So, I am still having computer troubles, and I have chosen this opportunity to perform some much needed renovations on my room. Although I am only 16, I have already torn down my built in wardrobe, and have nearly entirely cleared my room of furniture. The next couple of things I am going to do are:
1. Fill all the holes in the walls, small from screws, and large from finding a wall stud.....
2. Paint my room. Feature wall is Bright Red, and normal walls are white.
3. I am building myself a new desk, and TV stand. The desk, is a massive corner desk, which is 1 meter on one wall and 2 meters along the other. It is 2 tiers high, with heaps of storage, and room for my new alienware computer case when i get it.
4. Move all my furniture back in.

I am thinking that noone really cares, but I wanted to let you know anyway. I am not bragging either, just alerting readers of the events that are occuring in my life at the moment.

Happy Simming,
Tom Van Roosmalen - Creator
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Major Computer Troubles

Date Posted: 20th Jul 2009 at 8:34 AM

So, I am at a friend's house right now, and the only reason that I am here is to alert all of my downloaders and readers that I am experiencing internet troubles on my brand new gaming computer(So annoyed). It is both extremely annoying and also saddening at the same time, due to the fact that my parents and I are locked into the same service provider's contract for a year. So, we cannot switch, which means that the amount of time I spend online isn't certain.

I am certain however, that:
1. The internet will be fixed within the next 2 weeks,
2. I will have at least 3 homes for you to download the next time I can come online,
3. If there was anything that I could possibly do to get online sooner, I would do it.

So, bear with me as I get through this extremely boring time of my life, and make sure to keep downloading my homes, and to look forward to the next ones that I upload.

Yours in Simming

Tom Van Roosmalen - Creator


It seems that it was the virus program causing the problems, but removing it didn't seem to help, so instead, I am rebooting it myself. This means reinstalling Windows XP and The Sims 3, along with my other programs. So, if this still doesn't solve it, I will have to take it to the Repair Shop, but I don't like letting others touch it (its mine and its precious). So, until either I upload a house, or there is another development, Goodbye

*UPDATE* - 24th July 2009

So, the Virus program was not responsible, and rebooting didn't help at all. This is frustrating, so bear with me as I try and figure out what the hell is wrong with it.

*UPDATE* - 26th July 2009

Great News! I have managed to repair my internet, with the help of my ISP. It was due to my parents' new iMac updating the network, and the Virus program on my PC blocked the change, thinking that it was unsafe. So, reinstalling the Virus program did the trick. Strangely enough, the first time I did this, was over a week ago, and that didn't help at all. But, it worked now, so who cares.

During the time that my net was down, I was very frustrated. And, guess what I do when I am frustrated? Play the Sims. Thats what. So, ever the last 4 days, I have started redoing the Rocker's Retreat lot that was in the downloadable neighborhood that EA made. I feel that there is/was a lot of wasted potential in it, so I am currently redoing it. Hopefully, it will be up within the next week.

Also, I want to tell you that instead of a house a day which I could only do due to it being school holidays in Australia, I will be releasing just 1 or 2 a week. Hopefully, this will not affect you very much, but I just thought that I would let you know.

So, until next time

Happy Simming

Tom Van Roosmalen - Creator

*UPDATE* - 31st July 2009

So, the problems are back, but in a different form. Basically, it connects to the net, but every half hour or so, the connection will cease and the only way to get it back is by restarting the computer. If anyone has experienced this problem, and has solved it, then please, give me a solution. I want to be able to chat to my friends again over MSN, and upload homes from my own PC. It is really affecting me, so if you have a solution, state it below, or email me.

Until next time,

Tom Van Roosmalen - Creator
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