.. how's it going with the 2011 goals?

Date Posted: 28th Mar 2011 at 3:32 AM

Let's see, on the 5th of January I made an journal entry about all my creating plans. Seemingly, these were just ideas. They still are, but at this moment there's so much else going on in my life and in my head so I just don't have time for plans..

Just to do a check:

1. I HAVE made a starter home, which I also was very satisfied with. The plan was to make a modern starter that was furnished to match the exterior.

Here it is:

2. Sim with custom content. I have made som custom content for my celebrity sims, so I shouldn't take this all for granted. As far as I'm concerned I wont make any random sim by any moment. Only if I make a celebrity sim that looks lovely without looking anything like the real person.. maybe.

3. Build more LOTR related building. I have done this, but I haven't uploaded it due to the huge amount of CC used. I just don't find my time to sort out all the stuff I've used for this home. It's an Elven home for TS2. Here's a preview:

4. .. as to the hair mesh. Wont happen in near future.

5. .. also, the garden set, I don't have the meshing tools installed so I bet this will be on hold for quite some time aswell.

I DO have other projects though. I have a list of 6-7 outfits I want to make. Mostly Pokemon related, as it seems like people find those likable, but also some other game related outfits.

.. gonna promise myself that the next journal entry will be something else than a personal list. Less boring, hopefully.
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'Unapprovement' makes perfection

Date Posted: 12th Jul 2010 at 9:04 PM

Anyone else who feels that none of their stuff gets accepted? Well, don't be sad. Everytime I upload stuff it takes about 3-4 tries. BUT, yeah.. the big BUT: This gives you a great chance to improve your creations. I've seen myself, how my clothes, houses etc. just gets better and better after several tries. They might still not be as perfect as some of the stuff you see on here, but at least (which makes me happy) it looks decent enough for someone to mind downloading.

So everyone, good luck and never give up ^^ It's quite enjoyable to open a message saying "approved", knowing you've succeded.

Edit: don't do this. I did a kind of mistake here. Instead of letting the upload managers tweak you, use the feedback forum. My mistake
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Helene et les garcons - project just for old time's sake

Date Posted: 11th Oct 2009 at 3:46 AM

French people, and hopefully some other Norwegians than myself, might remember the show where this project I'm working on is from. "Helene et les garcons" is a French tv show that was made in the early 90s, about Helene and her friends. "Garcons" means boys, but yeah she also had girlfriends.
Most of the show included coupling, and there was no new characters that stayed single for long. The main characters included (mostly) 4 girls and 4 boys so there was always one partner for each person. The boys also played in what I would call a crappy band (the actors sucked at pretending to play instruments). The girls mostly hang out in their dorm, chatting about their boyfriends. I think they were supposed to be arounr 16-17, but like every other show the actors looked like they were around 25.

Just to refresh some good old memories.


So far I've made one building containing the girl's and the boy's dorms (on separate floors), the garage, health studio and the entrance hall.
I still have the restaurant left to made.. Not sure if I should add it on the same lot or actually make a new one for it. Might be an idea so people actually can eat there. Now the dorm building is just a residental home.

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