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Go suck an elf...
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I play the sims so much that I've had to have a break 'cause my knuckles were swollen!..
London, UK
Biochemistry, Discus, Shot, Cinema, Sci-fi & Horror...
Lab Technician
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To those who love J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy :D (and it's online games)
For those of us who don't like Twilight.
Do you like/love That 70's Show? If you do, this is the group for you.
Do you love the English Rock band Muse?
For fans of HBO's show True Blood or The Sookie Stackhouse books :)
for simmers who are fans of Star Trek and like to create and download Star Trek items
For anyone that likes vampires, plays with vampires [Simmys or not ; )], or just plain loves VAMPYS!
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