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See i have no choice but be isolated
Forced to extract the heart
Pushed aside
Made segregated
Left alone
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Uff...It's so long...
Doll box
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For Pagans of all kinds, and those who are practitioners of magic, we welcome you!
A fun and friendly group that is Pagan based but not exclusive. There is to be NO Bashing or Abuse of anyone else what so ever. Please come, join, share and have fun. (We are currently looking for a MOD or Director to help keep this fun and safe)
For all the simmers around here who love photography, being it watching it, taking it, editing it or everything ^^
for any simmer from Serbia :)))
For REALLY punks from 77's
Do you believe in magic?like magical creatures & places?enjoy fantasy stories and legends?if you like them,than this group is for you
Do you like the anime/manga?? So come here and talk about it!!
Talk about your favourite song, comment your favourite music and recommend your favourite band!
This group is for people who love Lady GaGa and are her number one fans!
The not so super secret Sonic Club.
Fans of Lady GaGa Unite!
For all the people from MTS who uses Facebook
A group for all evil people :P
Males attracted to Females and vice-versa.
A group for all simmers that love architecture and put their ideas into virtual reality in the Sims.
Concerned about our planet? This is the group for you. :)
For all that enjoy arts and want to share and talk about it.
A group for all the simmers that like Tim Burton's films ;)
for people who love nickleback
A place for us teenage MTS users to hang and talk.
Like WoW? If you do, this is the group for you!
A group for all the people that like Death Note
A group to discuss Japanese Anime, and video games
For people who love taking pictures of their sims! wether it be male, female, pregnant, teens, children. WHATEVER! You love taking their pictures
For everyone who likes the House MD TV series =D
Well, the name says it all!You can say random things,do random things, ect, ect.
A group for people interested in 3D modeling of anything (not necesarily Sims 2) to learn about, get feedback on, give feedback on, and enjoy looking at pretty meshes. =D
If you like or have sims that dress in alternative fashion, chat about it here
Love Tomb Raider and Lara Croft? Then this is the group for you!
Here is a place where the joker can be obsessed over!
Hi! This group is for all simmers that love GOTH things... Do you like all that is gothic? If your answer is YES... this is your group!!!!
A group for all Nintendo fans of any series. :) Nintendorks welcomes people with all the friendliness of an over-affectionate squid with many cheerfully grasping tentacles!
For anyone that likes vampires, plays with vampires [Simmys or not ; )], or just plain loves VAMPYS!
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