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  • white new bed

    by simsistic 2nd Mar 2006 at 11:58am

    hi all :) i made u all a nice white bed today.....hope ur sims will enjoy it :) more...

    8 13.1k 2

    By Room » Bedroom

  • Pelle police room new mesh

    by simsistic 21st Feb 2006 at 6:12pm

    hi all :) as promised,iv made a police room to go with the fireman sam (#post1070880) room. more...

    19 23.4k 11

    By Room » Bedroom

  • fireman sam room. now fixed !!

    by simsistic 18th Feb 2006 at 6:57pm

    hi all. sorry it took me so long,bit i finaly got around to fix the bed and dresser. more...

    16 21.3k 10

    By Room » Bedroom

  • new mesh stargate comand pic and monitorcart

    by simsistic 16th Feb 2006 at 12:13pm

    hi all :) long time no see. more...

  • crazy mesh thor from stargate sg1

    by simsistic 27th Jan 2006 at 8:02am

    hi all i must say i was waaayyy over my head when i started this prosject lol i have more...

  • 4 new Narnia beddings

    by simsistic 23rd Jan 2006 at 7:26am

    hi all :) today i bring you 4 new Narnia beddings. i hope your sims will enjoy them. more...

    15 16k 3

    By Room » Bedroom

  • 10 new beddings part 2

    by simsistic 19th Jan 2006 at 10:13pm

    hi all :) im just finish making 10 new beddings for u. more...

    6 9.6k 1

    By Room » Bedroom

  • 7 new beddings

    by simsistic 19th Jan 2006 at 10:34am

    hi all :) sorry i havent been uploading in a while,but there is a flue season in norway. yakky. more...

    25 17.4k 3

    By Room » Bedroom

  • more egyptian items new meshes

    by simsistic 9th Jan 2006 at 3:19pm

    hi all :) i made u some more egyptian items. a jar and a vase. more...

    10 18.1k 13

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • Egyptian/Gould stargate sg1 box

    by simsistic 8th Jan 2006 at 3:06pm

    Hi all :) im still in a egyptian mood :) so i made u an Gould carry box from more...

    10 13.6k 13

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • Egyptian Sarcophagus and some egypt relics

    by simsistic 8th Jan 2006 at 9:17am

    ok here we go again with one of my crazy meshes lol. more...

  • outdoor summerset part 1

    by simsistic 7th Jan 2006 at 9:58am

    Hi all :) happy new year :) today i give you part 1 of my outdoor set. more...

    6 24k 7

    By Room » Outdoor

  • working trampoline fixed !!!!!

    by simsistic 17th Dec 2005 at 10:45pm

    wooohoooo i finaly made it. the trampoline is no longer owerwriting the bed :) and i made some recolors. more...

  • bathroom clutter new mesh

    by simsistic 17th Dec 2005 at 7:35am

    good morning everybody :) i tryed to upload my bathroom clutter for you yesterday,but it was down :( but more...

    10 21.1k 27

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures

  • fireman sam room. lots of new meshes

    by simsistic 16th Dec 2005 at 7:30am

    hi all :) as a x-mas present i give you today fireman sam bedroom. more...

    39 20.7k 2

    By Room » Bedroom

  • x-mas kitchen

    by simsistic 14th Dec 2005 at 3:48pm

    hi all :) im really in the x-mas mood today. more...

    25 14.4k 5

    By Room » Kitchen

  • 2 indian paintings. new mesh

    by simsistic 14th Dec 2005 at 12:35pm

    and yet another update ;) its cloned from the big red lady painting.but i made it bigger. more...

  • meat hook new mesh

    by simsistic 14th Dec 2005 at 12:33pm

    another of my birthday updates ;) a meat hook. decoration only ! more...

  • x-mas decorations new mesh

    by simsistic 14th Dec 2005 at 12:30pm

    merry x-mas all :) as a part of my birthday update,i made you 3 x-mas boxes and a x-mas more...

  • egyptian box bye rquest

    by simsistic 14th Dec 2005 at 10:22am

    hi all :) another litle update from me. more...

    8 11.8k 12

    By Function » Decorative » Sculptures