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Blueberry's Historical Walls

I create detailed traditional and antique wallpaper for discerning Simmies. I'm also dabbling in object recolors for original Sims 2 items.

Creation Method: I use cavetools to make recolors, walls and floors. IE: I exclusively use the plain paint program and my hand-dandy cut-and-paste buttons because I find new (and old) technology frightening and confusing. :P

Requests: I will take any request for a wallpaper or floor set (or recolor) providing that a) I feel I can execute it well and b) it is unique. For instance, plain wood siding is available in every color under the sun. I would not create more siding unless there was something to distinguish it from other uploads of the same type. I will also consider any object recolor request for base game objects. Please PM me if you have a request.

Uploading: If you want to use one of my sets in an upload, please ask me first. I appreciate the courtesy and would like to see where my uploads end up.

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...because my punk Simmies needed a place to shop. :) Enjoy.

25th Sep 2007 at 9:00am in » Community Lot


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"Either this wallpaper goes or I do." ~ Oscar Wilde on his deathbed

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