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Welcome To Flare's Cove

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Hi and welcome to my profile. I've been interested in the sims for some time now. Playing the sims can be challenging, entertaining, and sometimes it can get a bit dull. The only time it can get dull for me is if I'm tired of using certain items. Back then, I didn't know that there were sites that had people who created custom content stuff. I was thrilled about uploading.

**Rules and answers about using my meshes**

My MTS page welcomes all who are interested in my works. As of now, I have quite a few food meshes that might not be the best of the best. I will admit that I do take pride in the time that I put into creating meshes. I expect for others to understand the notion of respecting a person's work. If you would like to create custom foods from my meshes, you may ask to do so. Just like any other artist, I will always want credit for my effort and time I put into my works. Creating meshes isn't always easy. I do believe in respecting the time and effort people put into their art or just work period. It will be best to show your respects by not posting my meshes on any other site except for MTS. You are permitted to change the UV mapped textures or tweak the mesh how ever you like. You can also use any of my meshes how ever you like with any possible sims games)

I do take requests:

On my behalf, I do love to take on a challenge every now and then. As for requests, It will have to be a food requests. I don't mind doing a recolor. However, my signature is providing custom foods to the sims 2. To make a request, you are welcomed to send me a personal message. The message should contain the following below.

1. Name of food
2.Culture the food originated from (If possible)
3.At least one or two pictures of the food to give an idea of what you might expect.
4.A description on how it is prepared and cooked. (You can also post a link to the recipe if possible)

Things have changed with the number of requests a person can give. After AF requests 19 is posted, each person who desires to send a request is allowed to submit only two and that's it. If you like, don't be shy to join my Sims2 food creator club.


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Can't have enough cake choices? Here are more mouthwatering cakes to add.

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Uploading terms:

  • Share only on MTS2.
With my meshes:
  • You may not include with Lots.
  • You may include with Sims.
  • You may include with recolours.
  • Do not re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
With my recolours:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may include with Sims.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • Do not re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
With my walls/floors:
  • You may include with Lots.
  • You may recolour using my textures.
  • Do not re-use my textures for unrelated projects.
General terms:
  • Please give credit with a link when using my work.
  • Ask me first before modifying/using.
  • Let me know if you use my work.
  • Special - see profile page.


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This group is created for simmers who love to make and share their sim recipes. I won't say that I'm that great at making sim food. I'm still in the process of learning how to create functional meshed food and it would be nice to grow and learn new things with other simmers
If you like Sims 2 Better than Sims 3 Then This is the group for you!

Biography: I'm just a regular person whose into arts and crafts. Interests: Anything to do with Arts and Crafts,Drawing, Gaming, and listening to music in my spare time. Occupation: Graphic Designer

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