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"Whaddaya mean, Catherine lost a grade by missing school today? Catherine's AT school!"

Not sure what was going on with Catherine Goodie. She couldn't make any calls using the house phone; she'd pick it up, then hang up again. Herbert used the house phone just fine, so I figured maybe it was something to do with Catherine having just bought a cell phone. I had her use that instead and it worked just fine.

The next morning, the bus showed up but Catherine didn't queue up a "go to school" action. I clicked on the bus but got no menu, although the two kids in other apartments were able to use it, so I told Catherine to walk to school. She walked off the corner of the lot and got the "at school" icon on her thumbnail. Then this "missing school" message popped up. I changed her back to Simlogical Flexischool, bought a homework table and had Faith set her some work so she could make up the lost grade - and promptly got a "Catherine's grades are going up" message! Sure enough, she came home on the bus with the teen from upstairs.

I've had the bus not show up on apartment lots many times, but this is the first time it's showed up but the student couldn't board, and the only other time I've had the "lost a grade for missing school" while the Sim was actually at school was when I changed a child from public to private school via Monique's computer after he'd already left for public school. Just to be safe, I think I'll stick to homeschooling Catherine!
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Teen sim didn't like that I sent him stargaze.
"You need to be logical if you want to work in politics.... least in the game."
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Go and put a bra on. . .

. . . so I can post your picture on MTS.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
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Why are you getting out of bed every 2 seconds when you are dead tired?
You left the TV on, but the TV is not in your bedroom?
(Put walls up)
Why is there a gap in the wall? Who built this house?
(Oops. I did).
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Isn't that a little premature? You've only just met.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
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"You are the most Woohoo-crazy Pleasure sim ever! If I'd known you'd be like that, I'd've made you a Romance sim when you aged to teen all those yeardays ago!"
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Originally Posted by AndrewGloria

Isn't that a little premature? You've only just met.

She's warning him that she doesn't woohoo before marriage. XD
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When Jamar grew up to a toddler:
"Oh, you're blond like your mother and your paternal great-grand mother."
His father a black hair and I don't use a genetic related mod. I feel like my hood is full of blond-haired sims.
When trying to find a hairstyle for him:
"I need more hairs!".
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