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L to R: Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Olga Romanov
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Default The Rivera Family (a trainwreck)
I've alredy posted some pics of them but here are some more...

By the way that's Brandi Broke working as a barista and judging....

Aand the latest portrait where the parents pretend they like each other.
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So I can't access the Lata family tree via the parent's but I can via a few of their children, who don't display more than 1,000 Sims in the tree. Alexandre is their tenth child and the only non Merfolk of the family due to being adopted. ages get wonky due to Story Progression mod being active. that and over 900 babies await adoption, which will sadly never come.
The reason I can access it via him is because I had him un-adopted to see if I could access the family tree via the parents again. I can't, even with removing enough Sims I cannot open the family tree focused on Manu (the Mother) nor Kids (the Father). So the family tree from his perspective is missing around 30 Siblings. up to 999 Sims are visible.
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The Romanovs

Russia's last Imperial family
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have some royal Goths from my medieval uberhood!

And Queen Bella

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Originally Posted by Mischief Managed

Russia's last Imperial family

Красивая семья

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The Calhouns (Marty's section of the family) went to Takemizu and here's their obligatory family photo on location!
Marty with his wife, Melinda, and their children - Alice, Alexander, and Antonia

Speaking of the family, before the left, they had an extended family get together with Marty's parents and siblings:

Featuring Ash and Natalie (Marty's Parents)
Charlotte, Charlie, and Jimmy (Marty's Siblings)
Amelia and Mira (Marty's sister-in-laws)
Albert, Robert, and Bryce (Marty's nephews)

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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