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Default Can testingcheatsenabled true screw up your game?
I've heard it from so many places that saving with it on or using it to do certain things can cause very bad things to happen. Is it true?
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I've saved with it on many a time as forgot it was still in tact, and nothing has ever happened.

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That's good. Just checking.
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I've heard it can cause "damage" each time you use it but don't know If it was true
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I've always been curious about this too, since I've seen people say it can mess up your game - but they never explain how! It makes me wonder if this is basically one of those myths that people keep repeating without ever posessing any facts or proof of any kind.

I use Twallan's mods and leave it on all the time, and I've never noticed any difference between the borkage that occurs with it and the borkage that occurs without any CC or cheats at all.

In other words, this game has beaucoup borkage no matter what you do and it's pretty near impossible most of the time to figure out what exactly caused it.

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Once it stopped my unicorn from using it's magic and upon turning it off and reloading it worked fine
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TestingCheatsEnabled True, by itself, does absolutely nothing whatsoever to your game save. All it does is enable a bunch of cheat/debugging commands which are hidden by default. The idea that TCE breaks your game is pure urban legend :p

USING the commands it enables, of course, can damage your save, for sure There's a REASON those commands are hidden by default, although in most cases that has to do with their being too cheaty rather than anything else. For instance, using EditInCAS to change an outfit/appearance is probably fine; using it to age a sim to an earlier age stage probably will break some gameplay behavior.

Still, in general the cheats it enables just do exactly what they say they do, and you can manually undo any damage you cause, so if you use them sensibly you are going to be fine. Personally, I just think of it as an interface extender that gives me more gameplay functionality

Originally Posted by JasonD88
Once it stopped my unicorn from using it's magic and upon turning it off and reloading it worked fine

Must have been something else that caused that. Beware the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy
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No, Srikandi, if you cancel whatever the "power outage" debuff is called that unicorns get when they run out of magic, it can make them permanently out of magic. I hesitate to say it will ALWAYS do that, but it has done that every single time I have tried, with and without CC, and I've seen other people confirm that. It is all around a Very Bad Idea to use TCE to cancel the power outage debuff.
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I never DISABLE testingcheats. It's permanently enabled via AwesomeMod. No problems to speak of. I think this urban legend stems from people who click options on testingcheats menus without knowing what it'll do, then blame the cheat rather than themselves when their game breaks. It's simple: just don't click buttons without knowing what they're for.
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Not on it's own. It's what you do with it that can damage the game, not simply having it enabled. Like with TS2, the rumor that leaving TCE on will ruin your game is complete myth. And TCE on TS3 has a lot less capabilities than the one on TS2, so there isn't much you can do with TCE in TS3 that could really ruin something.
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Not that I know of. Have always used it and nothing has happened.

Hope this helps!
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I only really use it for killing off Sims, so I shouldn't have any problems.
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