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Default Mods I use to make Sims 4 more challenging
I'm a family and challenge player at heart. Since there isn't much gameplay for a family player, I'm sticking to challenges lately. I like it when the Sims struggle. I often play Rags to Riches or Apocalypse stories. Sadly, most of the time Sims 4 is super easy.
So, I tought I'd share the mods I use for making it more challenging in case anyone with a same playstyle is interested. I'm using more mods than that (for instance MC Command Center for story progression), but below are the ones that make the game harder in my opinion. (I haven't checked yet, if every mod works with the new update).

Meaningful Stories
I always play with this. Normally Sims emotions are easily manipulated, with this mod it gets a bit harder to get them into the emotional state you want.

Lower Salary


OR: No Extra Money on Promotion
Basically getting less money through careers.

More Expensive Aspirations
Doubles the costs and makes aspiration traits much harder to aquire

Rock digging is slower

Makes the rock digging more time-consuming

Less money for collectibles in general

Entrance Fee
It costs now to visit certain lots, makes more sense to me that a visit to the gym costs something

Sleep All Night
Sims don't wake up in the middle of the night, because their energy is full

Slower Painting Time

Slower Writing Time
Both things make it so that it (especially painting) isn't a quick cash cow anymore

Lower Royalities
Books, Apps, Videos etc. will get you less royalities

More ingredients for bigger portions, need ingredients (FR-19)
It makes sense that you need more ingredients for bigger meal portions, Version 2 of the mod requires you to have the ingredients to be able to cook


Cooler Sicknesses
not updated, but integrated into Private Practice Mod:

OR: Sims vomit more when sick (MM-101)
Makes illnesses more concerning, hindering


Flower Arrangments need all Ingredients
I like every mod where you can't craft/cook stuff out of thin air.


No Auto Put into Hamper
Makes it harder to keep a house clean, taking away precious time


Slower Reputation Gain (GF-14)
If I want to play someone famous, it should be harder to reach top stardom.


University Classes cost more

Raking up tons of debt and then struggling to repay it is a fun challenge.

Longer University Terms
Always felt the term was over too quickly.

University Rejections

Both mods do basically the same. You need good skills/grades to get into university.

University Harder Distinguished Degree acceptance
It is harder to get into the distinguished degrees

Degrees needed for promotions
Basically, you need 1-2 specific degrees to advance in careers


Tiny Home Nerfs
Reduces the benefits of tiny homes to something more realistic


RoM Slower XP Gain and Perks cost more
Despite spellcasting overpowered anyway, this mod makes it at least harder to pogress.

I totally get, if others find those mods more like a chore or un-fun, but that's the beauty of sims games. Everyone can play like they want.
What are your mods you use to make the game more difficult? I'm curious what else is out there to up the games difficulty.
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Thanks! I'm still getting my feet under me in this game but I like Ms Sam's mods to improve gameplay.

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