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Default Having a playable stylist
I'd like to have a playable sim work as a stylist, and when I'm not playing her household, be able to have sims go to the salon lot and get a makeover from her. I'd assign her to the styling station with Register, but I've heard it's not good to assign playables to be role sims that way.

I was thinking of using Arsil's Custom Generic Role floor marker to make her be at the salon when I'm not playing her and unassigning her from the role when I do. I'm concerned, though, that since it summons the sim to walk over to it on a regular basis (I'm assuming in case of sims wandering off), that the marker would interrupt her and her client in the middle of a makeover.

I could use MasterController to invite her over to the lot when I want, but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll show up or show up anytime soon after I summon her.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm guessing someone here must've used some kind of similar setup.

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Originally Posted by Macaroodle
but I've heard it's not good to assign playables to be role sims that way.

nah it's fine

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Huh, so stylist don't visit the salon while they're inactive?

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The usual warning is against playing a Role Sim actively, not making a playable sim into a Role Sim.

Gee that sounds like double-talk, doesn't it. What I mean is, the sim can be in the Stylist career when they are part of the actively played household and you can make them a Role Sim Stylist with Register when they are not. You would just have to keep switching their job back and forth when you begin to play that household again. Nothing truly horrible should happen anyway, but the role object assignment itself becomes unstable when a Role Sim is part of the actively played household.

I have several sims whom I turn back into Role Sims when I know that I am not going to play their household for a while and am busy rotating around elsewhere within the same world.
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Idk if it was a glitch or a happy accident but I had a sim I very rarely played who was in the stylist profession that I set as a role sim Stylist at the salon via Register. She worked there normally when inactive, when switching to that household the assignment dropped and I could play the profession as usual. Switching away from the family made her a role sim again without me reassigning anything. Of course the game generated another pudding as well but as I had more than one styling station they could both work fine at the same time. So nothing bad should happen (probably :D).
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