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Default Picture Tutorial- a beginner’s guide to linking teen careers to adult careers
Hi guys (or, more specifically, people interested in careers). This short tutorial will show you how teen careers are linked up to their adult counterparts. Hopefully (If I build up the motivation) I'll be writing a series of tutorials intended to replace the one Psion wrote, that one now being slightly outdated with the advent of the new SimPE gui.

Before you start, note down the guid of your adult career to make life easier for you later on.

Step 1-

Open up your teen career and click on Behaviour Function, then on the file named CT- Upgrade Job to Adult

Step 2-

Click on the second file down. Now you need to enter in the adult career guid.

The boxes you are interested in are highlighted- red, blue, green and orange. Imagine your guid is 0x000B9A5A

00- this would go in the red box
0B- this would go in the blue box
9A- this would go in the green box
5A- this would go in the orange box.

If you have any other guid, follow this pattern of inputting information.

and there we are A teen career linked to its adult twin. I hope you find this useful, and if you have any problems, post them up here


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Thanks this will come in handy.

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Thanks for this! You have answered a question that I had been pondering about!
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