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Default Sim Picture Thread Guidelines - UPDATED 07/01/2009
File Types: Images should be posted in JPEG/JPG, PNG or GIF formats only.

File Size: Images should not be larger than 250 KB. We have an automatic limiter here on the site which will not allow you to post images larger than 250 KB. If you are having issues it's more than likely your image exceeds this size.

Picture Limit Per Post: You may not post more than four (4) inline images per post. Please do not double post to get around this limit. This limit (unlike the others) applies only to the Sim Pictures and Downloads areas of the site - you may post more images elsewhere (so there is no image limit per post for stories, contests, etc.).

Multi-Posting Pictures: Please only post specific pictures once for things like the Sim Pictures and Drawings/Art threads. Posting the exact same picture in the "Most Beautiful Sims" and "Most Beautiful Females" is not allowed. Choose the most appropriate thread for your pictures and post them once. You may post -different- pictures of the same sim in separate threads, but please keep this to a reasonable level as any one sim could probably fit into 15 different threads there.

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
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