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Default Food stuck in inventory?
did anyone else happen to get food stuck in their inventory?
I have a slice of pizza in one of my sim's inventory, i didn't actually drag it there but never the less my sim went to sleep and when he woke up i got a notification about spoiled food in the inventory and i haven't been able to remove it at all and now he gets "disgusted" every few minutes.
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You should be able to drag it to the trash can. I had the same issue only with rummaged garbage.
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I had a spoiled birthday cake in my inventory that my sim had found in a box while fishing and then I forgot it and it went bad. When the notice came up about food about to spoil, the darn game wouldn't tell me what food it was and so I went and sold alot of veggies and used a lot of fish as bait in fishing to try and get rid of my inventory but the spoiled thing still happened. It wasn't until I saw the cake in the inventory and moused over it accidentally that I realized the cake was the thing that had gone bad. But I learned a lesson from all that, even if I wish the game would tell you what the thing that has gone bad is because you can't see the condition of items you have multiples of unless you separate all the items from each other.

*Oh and to add, I got rid of the cake by putting it on the dining table and then having my sim throw it away.
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