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Diary of K. Kleptos ~ Final Entry: Zeneporting
Sunday... I bought a plot of land in Riverview today. I also applied for a job, at the theatre in the music career, which starts tomorrow. Then I went to the art museum and found an open easel. I thought to myself, "How cool to be able to paint in such nice surroundings!" Then, I created my first painting.

After awhile, I thought I should start looking for a possible mate, so I went outside to meet some interesting sims. I introduced myself to a few sims. One of them was named Jon Lessen. He is a charismatic, artistic, hopelessly romantic virtuoso. Unfortunately, he is rich and out of my league; but he is a partner at work, so I've made friends with a co-worker already!

By this time, I was getting hungry. I went out past the school to an empty house with apple trees. I harvested about a dozen apples from the three trees there. Then, I munched some apples and bought a guitar to practice my musical skills. Later, I used the bathroom and took a few naps on a somewhat comfortable couch here at the art gallery. (It's amazing that the art gallery remains open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Where I am from, the galleries are usually closed on Mondays and are not open in the evenings except for special events.)

Monday... It's my first day at my new job. I discovered that the gallery has a full bath complete with a tub, so I don't have to worry about smelling bad at work! However, I slept a little late enjoying a nap on the gallery couch. It didn't seem to matter that much though, and I was able to stick it out until the end of my shift. I was a bit strained at the end of that shift though!

I called a few people on my cell to chat for a bit. (As I don't get off work until 9 p.m., it is too late to visit for very long.) Then I headed back to the gallery where I finished another painting. I decided to just munch on apples and nap on the couch again. No one seemed to mind.

Tuesday... I saw the boss at the galley today and tried to hint I could use a raise or a promotion, but he didn't agree. I also met a sim named Billy Caspian. He is quite nice looking and is artistic as well. I also did better about getting to work on time; but with just the guitar basics so far, I didn't luck a promotion. I ate more apples and napped on the couch again. I had been given a book to read to help my job performance, but I was simply too tired.

Wednesday... Today I had a day off, but I was awakened at 6:30 a.m. with an opportunity to visit an art showing some afternoon between 1 and 5 p.m. I had finished all my apples by now and, as I was really hungry, I had to go back to harvest some more. Fortunately, the same trees gave me another dozen apples! I later chatted with my co-worker, boss, and Billy; but I didn't really accomplish much for having a whole day off.

With part of my free time, I was able to practice my guitar skills. I am still a long way from even saying that I am beginner, but I am a couple steps ahead of someone who knows nothing about music. Unfortunately, I didn't read that book for work or get over to see the art show yet.

Thursday... Today I finished that book before heading off to work. I got plenty of sleep by taking lots of naps. I soaked in the tub. My day went well and I was even told that I have enough points to purchase a reward. (I didn't buy anything though, as I want to save up for something much better.)

Unfortunately, because I didn't work hard, but only approached it as business as usual, I still didn't get a promotion. In order to better my odds tomorrow, I practiced my guitar after work, but it was so late and I was tired. I didn't make any significant advancement in my musical skills.

Friday... I got up and ate some apples. (When the doctor said to eat an apple a day, I wonder if he envisioned this.) Oh well, I soaked in the tub and went back to take another nap. By this time, it was almost noon. Luckily for me, my boss was visiting the gallery again with his family. By now, we are friends; so I hit him up for a promotion again. At least he didn't get mad at me this time and thought I was being amusing!

While I didn't get any more practice in, and I was an hour late for work because Billy called me just as I was going in the door, I did get promoted! I now have more than a 1,000 simoleans. I also have some tangle-free blinds that I picked up at work sometime during the week. (I often find myself in possession of something without really understanding how these things happen. It just seems to be a genetic thing. I am sure my kids and grandkids and great grandkids will go through the same thing for generations to come.)

Saturday... Well, I almost forgot that I had to go to work today. (Where would we be if we didn't have auto-reminders?) I was playing my guitar, trying to get more skill, when I was reminded about work. I had also received that invitation earlier in the week to visit an art show at the business offices downtown, so I decided to head to the business art show before going into work. The art show was okay, but the offices were on the bland side. They could sure use a new design and an interior make-over if nothing else. Oh well... I wasn't too late for work.

When I started getting strained at work, I got the opportunity to help set up for a show there at the theatre. I clocked out and helped out. Then I clocked back in again. By working hard, I was able to make up for skipping out for a couple of hours. However, once again, I did not get promoted, and I still don't have even 2,000 simoleans. It will be a long time before I can add a nice double bed and burglar alarm in the attic.
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Default Week 2: Billy and I
Sunday... I feel like my life is going by so quickly. I have worked all week with only one promotion. The desire for a real bed that will let me sleep all night long has consumed too much of my thoughts.

Today, I decided to track down Billy and see how he felt about starting a family. He was very receptive. In fact, he thought it was a great idea to get married right away. Shameless Sim that I am, I am not really sure if I just wanted the extra income to buy a bed. I did start a relationship with Billy hoping that the end result would be marriage. The fact that we are both artistic gives us something in common as well. My big question is, "Do I really love him?" I mean "Where are the bolts of chemistry?" Will we have a lack-luster love life and grow apart over time?

All I knew about Billy when we got married today was that he too was artistic. Now that I know him better, I find that he is really a loner and he can be inappropriate. He wants to master the arts, just as I do; but then he wants a job in law enforcement. How does that help one master the arts? Maybe he'll change his mind about law or maybe about mastering the arts; or maybe, he'll prove that he can do both.

Monday... It was beyond wonderful to sleep in a real bed! I ate the last of my apples last night, but I didn't have to go harvest any more. I drank orange juice out of our new fridge! Granted, we only have a bed and fridge right now, as well as a burglar alarm that we mounted on the mail box; but that is really all we need at this time. With Billy working at the police department and my paychecks from the theatre, we will soon be able to start building a house. The only real problem is that Billy works days and I work evenings. I guess that will ensure that we actually skill build and network during the other's shift.

This morning we both went to the art gallery and used the bathroom facilities. (I wonder how long I will continue to think of it as home?) When Billy went off to work, I called my boss and partner before practicing on my guitar for a while. (Do I really have that much more free time now that I don't have to harvest apples and catch little cat naps?)

Tuesday... Oh yea, I got a promotion to stagehand last night! I guess that extra time to work on guitar skills has paid off. Billy got a promotion at work today too! He gets off work at 3 p.m. and I start at 4 p.m. with my new job. That gave us an hour in the park together before I had to clock in. I left Billy playing our guitar as I went to work.

I also found out that I am pregnant already. That was some honeymoon! Billy was up when I came home and gave me a massage. That was really nice.

Wednesday... We bought a few more things. Billy wanted an easel of our own. He doesn't like crowds much, so he prefers to practice and skill build at home. That meant we needed a chess set too since he needs to be able to outwit the criminals.

Billy is as excited about the baby as I am. In fact, he might be even more excited than I am as he tends to be a bit over-emotional at times. He already bought a crib and is hoping for a boy. I harvested a few more apples from that vacant home and I am hoping that I stay healthy while I am pregnant. (I do want a happy, healthy baby boy.) The sunshine and fresh air were nice perks as well.

I finished another book for work. It should help me be a better backstage hand. I also gained a bit of logic playing chess at the park and picked up a few seeds that someone must have lost on the way home from the grocery store. Billy created a colorful painting and sold it for almost 30 simoleans. We also went by the reading room and read about what to expect when pregnant. While there, Billy practiced his writing skills. He now wants to be an author. With his artistic creativity, his logical mind, and his report-writing skills, I think he has chosen well.

Thursday...Have I mentioned lately how much I love our new bed? I do get backaches now and then even with the comfortable mattress. Billy will give me a massage every evening though. He is really sweet. I think, er... I hope that I made a good decision marrying him.

We are still using the bathroom at the art gallery and though we have our own easel and chess set, we still often use those downtown. It is just so pleasant to be in surroundings that don't remind us of how little we have. I mean, we have enough, more than enough, actually. Billy got a promotion today and he has a few opportunities to increase his logic and make points with his boss, so we finally built a small house.

Friday... In the wee early hours today, Kane made an appearance. I think he has his dad's eyes. We bonded instantly and I hope that bond survives the growing up years and teen angst. I can't wait to see what he looks like when he grows up. I know he will be a little genius!

I took him with me to the art gallery today. I laid him on a rug while I used the bathroom and bathed. He laid there contentedly while I practiced guitar. Billy came by the art gallery after work to bathe before heading over to school to lecture the kids and stopping by my boss' home to try and make him see logic. (With the new baby, I could really use a raise or a promotion.)

Our new home is wonderful, though I thought our house could use some plumbing items. I salivated over the tub from the art gallery. The bathroom with the tub turned out to be very popular today, so I used the smaller latrine. Somehow I found myself in possession of that sink, which is now installed in our home next to the fridge.

Saturday... Today Billy and I shared a day off. We went to the art gallery to bathe, of course. Billy played with little Kane while I painted. At first, Kane wasn't sure what to think of his dad, but now they are friends. I had improved my musical skills enough to play for tips the other day. I didn't get much money, but it was enough to impress my co-worker Jon, who is a partner at the theatre.

With the extra money we had in our household funds, I wanted to buy something nice for our home. Since I hoped to cut down on the time we spend using the bathroom at the art gallery, a shower was purchased. Now we won't need to run by the gallery on the way to work.
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Default Week 3: Birthdays
Sunday... This morning we held a small birthday party for little Kane. Billy thought it was hilarious that I put a candle on the cake. Kane really is too small to know how to blow it out.

Billy had a more productive day than I. He started teaching Kane to walk and managed to sell another painting. I, however, went back and forth a couple times to the art gallery to use a toilet while trying to teach Kane to talk. It appears that I am pregnant again and that I somehow ended up with the ceiling light from the toilet in the gallery.

Monday... Billy didn't get a lot of sleep last night and neither did I. Kane woke up Billy once and the new babe growing inside me made me hungry and in urgent need of a toilet once more. I brought Kane to the reading room with me this morning. (I didn't want to always target the toilets at the art gallery, so I threw up at the Wright Reading Room instead.) I finished teaching Kane to talk while we were there and brought home a couple nice wall lights that looked like they came from the wash rooms. (The lights do make our house seem much brighter. I put one on each end of our big, open room.)

Billy got another promotion today. He now has a squad car to drive around in, so maybe I can borrow his little sports car! He questioned Constance Shelley over at the art gallery after taking a bath in the tub there after work. Then, he finished teaching Kane to walk and even potty trained him tonight. I'd call that a fairly successful day. For my part, I did make a couple small paintings.

Tuesday... Time just goes by so quickly and I never seem to get much accomplished. I feed myself and Kane after Billy leaves for work. Then I shower while Kane plays with his toys. Later on, Kane and I must go downtown for me to find a toilet. There isn't much for Kane to do downtown though. When my boss asked if I wanted to hang out with him, I told him no and headed back home with Kane.

Is this all that exists for a struggling mom? I haven't worked in so long. I am sure I'd be great at work if I could just get off maternity leave. Oh well, I haven't done much guitar playing lately either, but I have done some more painting.

Billy went by to see the art show over at the office buildings that I saw earlier. He was inspired to do more painting. If he would just be inspired to write up reports and read a job-related book, he could get promoted yet again. I know it's hard though and those things aren't very fun.

I completely forgot that it was Billy's birthday today. I left him home with Kane while I went off to the gallery to use the toilet and paint. I guess I'm not the most considerate Sim around. I'd like to blame it on the fact that I am a little spacey while being pregnant; but no, that just isn't true. I was just so glad to see Billy come home so that I could get out of the house for awhile. In an effort to make it up to him, I did bring home a little something from the Wright Reading Room. We now have a nice chair to place at our cheap table.

Wednesday... I slept in late today and woke up incredibly hungry. Before I had my shower, I could tell that today was the day. Our little girl was going to make an appearance. (I bought some watermelons at the grocery this time around and have not eaten any apples since my pregnancy with Kane.) Billy was still at work and little Kane woke up, but played with his toes in his crib. Everything went just fine and Kara arrived without too much effort on my part. I think we got lucky with this one, but only time will truly tell.

We bought another teddy bear and crib for her; then, we splurged on an unbreakable toilet for ourselves. It's taken two and a half weeks, but finally we have the complete bathroom plumbing. It doesn't matter that we have no bath room, as the only walls on our house are all exterior. It doesn't matter that we don't have any cabinets, a stove, or even an indoor trash can. We have a toilet!

This news really isn't more exciting than Kara's birth, really. (Why does having my own toilet seem to make me happier than having my daughter?) Toilets are not essential. They exist downtown. They are free to use and abuse. A daughter is a very, very special occurrence. I am much happier to have a daughter than a toilet. I snuggled, played with, and fed my daughter before putting her in her crib and then I used my very own toilet.

Thursday... Billy wrote up a report last night and he also read a book for work. All this working and raising children can keep a Sim so busy that one doesn't concentrate on what is really important. Of course, it's all a balance, isn't it? Billy was promoted, so we added our first extension on to the house. Yes, we now have a bath room. We also put in a couple windows and even added curtains. As it was my birthday today, the bath room and windows were really great presents.

Friday... How quickly time flies by! Kara grew up early this morning into a toddler. She is already walking all over and will soon be potty trained.

Tomorrow Billy is off and I finally go back to work. I am getting excited about that. We could really use some extra money, so I need to get a few promotions soon.

Saturday... I potty trained Kara before heading to the art gallery this morning. Even though we have our own bath room now, I still go there to paint. We only have one easel and it is currently holding one of Billy's works in progress.

It's the weekend, so Billy is off. He managed to teach Kara to talk and then he read another book for work. Now that he is a lieutenant, he needs to read up on leadership hints.

Kara and Kane got better acquainted today. Now that she is a toddler, they can play together. When they both played with blocks at the same time, they didn't talk to each other. However, playing with the dollhouse together has made a big difference in their relationship. (They are now good friends.) So, even though the doll house was expensive, it seems to be well worth the investment.

I went back to work today and got promoted to manager. Wow! Who would have thought that I would have improved my skills and relationships with the others enough to be a manager now? I have a day off tomorrow, so maybe I'll be able to practice my guitar some more then.

Kane will grow up tomorrow as well and we can't even afford a bed for him. Maybe, I'll have to go out searching for some interesting rocks to sell instead of practicing guitar. Though, if I am lucky enough, I'll find time for both.
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Default Week 4: The Grind
Sunday... Today I went out collecting stones, seeds, and a zebra butterfly at the old stone circle. I sold all the stones except for a luminorous one. I also sold the butterfly, which was quite a money maker. The seeds I kept for a garden some day.

With the money, we were able to buy a bed for Kane who grew into a child today. He has turned into a perfectionist like me, but thinks he'd like to be an author like his dad wants to be. He went to the reading room for awhile today and then by the gallery to paint.

Billy also went to the reading room today. He wanted to question some people so he could write some reports. Unfortunately, he isn't charismatic enough. Not one of the three people he tried to question was happy about it. So, Billy worked on his writing skills.

Monday... Despite not getting very far with his reports, Billy was still promoted today. It was reading the leadership book that must have made the difference. He has now joined the forensic branch and gets his own laptop. He'll be able to write at home now.

When Billy returned from work and Kane got home from school, I had to head out to the theatre. It works out well that we don't need a babysitter, but I do miss some quality time with my guys. I didn't quite get that extra guitar skill I needed, so I didn't get a promotion even though I did work hard. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

Billy helped Kane with homework. Then he made another painting and worked on his writing skills. The kids played with the doll house together for awhile. They are the best of friends now. (That doll house was worth every simolean.)

Tuesday... Today I did get to practice my guitar, and I went by and dropped off some paperwork for the band. At work, I met another musician. Everything went well for me and I was promoted to a talent scout. I'll have the next couple of days off so I can work on my guitar skills even more and get to know this other musician.

Billy had a really stressful day at work. I don't think he is cut out for forensics. He also had a hard time writing tonight. He said that he wants to get a bath tub to help soak away the stress. A nice bath tub is over 2,000 simoleans! We plan to add-on a bedroom or two to the house next, so relaxing in a tub will have to wait.

Our little genius, Kane, declared that he wanted a science career. This is after we bought a telescope today and he discovered an orange dwarf that he named Odie. Well, I hope that he can create robot creatures okay; but I worry that, because he is clumsy, this might not be the best career choice. What's a mom to do though? We have to offer encouragement and think positively, right?

Wednesday... Billy had a much better day today. He came home in a good mood after getting promoted. He went through a couple garbage cans digging up evidence tonight. The only thing he found worth keeping was a mood candle, but he wrote up a couple reports.

I went to the Reading Room tonight and ended up bringing back another chair. It doesn't match the other one though as this one is a lounge chair and the other was a dining room chair. Still it is another comfortable chair.

We added-on three bedrooms and another bath today. Now our front room looks empty. It is nice to have separate bedrooms though.

Thursday... Today I didn't even leave the house. With another day off, my guitar skills improved. I have a book to read for work that I should get to tomorrow.

Poor Kara was so ready to grow up. She has nothing exciting to do. She played with her brother at the doll house for awhile because she really needed social and I was so busy practicing that I didn't spend much time with her. Billy, too, was busy as he is trying to finish my portrait.

Friday... Today we celebrated another birthday. Thank goodness that Kara is now a child. She is both easily impressed and over emotional. She is, however, athletic so maybe she can channel some of her emotions into worth-while pursuits. We bought her a running machine that she can't use yet and a stereo, which she can.

Billy is just awesome. He got another promotion. Now he is a sketch artist. His artistic capability has worked well with his career choice. He also finished my portrait. It's not too bad.

I finally read that book for work while home alone today. Reading about herding cats was even interesting. I almost had another skill learned on my guitar, so I kept at it even though I was a bit late for work. I wanted to get to know Shirley Lin better, so I chilled with the musicians for awhile when I did get to work. Then, I really started working hard and I too got another promotion. Now I am in the symphony!

Saturday... Billy attended an artistic retreat at the bookstore. He really enjoyed himself. The kids went to the reading room and read a bit while he was in the retreat because I, of course, was working.

I didn't have enough time to gain more music skill before work; so even though I worked hard, I did not get a promotion today. I was a bit down about it, but Billy reminded me that I just had a promotion yesterday. It was just that I was so close. Oh well, I'll enjoy my time off and work on my music and painting tomorrow.

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Default Week 5: Kane's Birthday
Sunday... Today, we all enjoyed a day off together. Kara was the first one up. She made herself a muffin and then worked out until she was exhausted. Then, she went to the pool to swim. It really isn't too good an idea to try to swim when already exhausted. Kara returned home again shortly.

Our shower broke this morning after Kara used it. We had to call a repairman to come and fix it. This isn't the first time it's broken, and it won't be the last. However, Billy and I just aren't mechanical. Maybe Kane will tinker with it when he gets older. Though, as clumsy as he is, it would probably be best if he doesn't either. At least Kane doesn't mind cleaning up messes.

After paying the bills and the repairman, there was enough money left over to add on to the house again. I don't want to imply that I fit a certain stereotype about women who love to shop, but I do tend to spend a lot of money when I shop. I'll save up for awhile and then I spend most of our savings buying the best we can get. Anyway, I wanted a cozier bedroom for Billy and I. I hope the passionate red isn't too "over the top," though I do want the romance to stay in our marriage. I will probably change the bedding someday to a pattern with just a touch of red. Billy's painting of me looks so great on the wall. I can't wait to add a painting of him. (My first attempt at his portrait was not kept!)

The room that we had been sleeping in was huge. We remodeled a bit and rearranged furniture. Now our limited kitchen and dining furniture occupy that space. I wonder if anyone will recognize the repainted and upholstered dining chair as a reading room knock-off? Someday soon we should get a cabinet or two and a real stove, but for now, my art is a very big part of my life and cooking would take me away from that for too long. Maybe Kara will gain an interest in cooking. Somehow that doesn't fit an athletic image that well, but those who care about their body should care about what they eat, right?

The biggest news today is that Kane is now a teenager. He has grown up so very quickly. (Am I getting that old?) He got a job at the supermarket and planted a few seeds I had collected. I hope his garden does well.

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I really like this story! Wait, I'm the first comment on this story?! Who doesn't like this? This is FRIGGIN AWESOME!

Hee Hee Hee!!!Me likey the sims!
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Thanks, Pet Lover. I love your "FRIGGIN AWESOME" comment!

I had double posted week 4 as I wasn't sure the first went through. (Sometimes it takes the system a bit to show.) So, I added a Sunday to week 5 now instead of just a blank placeholder.
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Default Week 5: Kara's Birthday
Monday... Today I attempted another painting of Billy. I didn't quite finish it before work, but I did finish it afterwards. It didn't turn out that well, so I will attempt his portrait again. What did go well for me was a raise and a promotion! I am in an orchestra now.

Billy attended a musical seminar at the book store after work and then went by city hall for some work-related meeting while Kane went by the science facility for some school project and then headed to work at the grocery store. By the time Kane got home, his garden wasn't looking so well. We got a sprinkler and he planted a few more seeds. He was so tired when he went to bed after doing his homework that I think he'll have to quit his part time job. We don't need money that badly.

Kara went to the pool and swam for awhile. Then she went to the reading room to do her homework. I sent an apple with her so she had something to munch before going home. It is hard for her when everyone else is busy doing something else. Where did the "good old days" go when she always had a parent or at least her older brother nearby? She is growing so quickly herself and will soon have other interests, besides going to the pool, that will occupy her time.

Tuesday... Today was kind of rough for Kane. His plants are surviving, but with the sprinkler doing most of the watering, Kane doesn't get much satisfaction from his gardening. He did quit his job today and stayed home and played chess, but he needs more fun in his life.

Kara, of course, went to the pool again today after school. She really likes to swim. She comes home in a good mood, showers, and does her homework. She talks to a couple friends on the phone, but rarely goes to their homes or invites them to ours. Ours is still rather sparsely furnished and there isn't that much to do.

Billy was offered a medical job today, but he turned them down. He likes his job as sketch artist, though he did get promoted to "crime scene modeler" now. He painted a couple pieces after work today and one of them was truly brilliant.

I was promoted to first chair today. It is nice to be the lead and to get to do solos. I'll be off for a couple days now so hopefully my guitar skills will be the best possible when I go back to work.

Wednesday... I felt so sorry for poor Kane who always seems to need fun now that he is a teen. We had gotten a lot of extra money lately due to promotions and bonuses, so I splurged again. We bought a television. It isn't one of the most expensive ones around, but it is nice and will let Kane learn about gardening while lounging inside, out of the hot sun, on a comfortable sofa, also new.

Billy and I both had a day off today. He mostly played chess while I tried to gain more guitar skill. His logic skills did improve, but I have a ways to go on my guitar skill.

Kara will soon be a teen. I want her to be a genius like her brother Kane, but I know every child is different and we can't predict what our kids will be or do. I only hope she is happy and healthy.

Thursday... Kane's gardening skills have really improved. His garden looks so nice now. I think this is a great hobby for him.

Billy didn't get a promotion today. He still lacks a little bit of painting skill yet. He did make a really nice painting for Kara's room though. Also, he worked on a book of his own for awhile. It's a science fiction story titled The Day the Aliens Left. He has already sold a few of the chapters.

Kara went to the pool for a bit today. She was gone a really long time. I worried about her getting exhausted. She didn't swim very long, but she decided to run home. That was a long way to run. She settled down in front of the television with Kane when she finally returned.

Even with another day off, I still am not fully skilled on my guitar. I do hope to reach that milestone by the time I go to work tomorrow though. I'd keep my fingers crossed, but then I couldn't play so well.

Friday... Well, I just couldn't do it. Getting that last guitar skill just did not happen before work. I was in a great mood and worked hard, but I didn't get a raise or promotion today.

Billy, however, is now at the top of his career field. He is a DNA profiler. He got a raise and a promotion today. I am a really lucky Sim to have married him.

He is getting 100 simoleans a week for his first science fiction. He has already started another fiction. This one is titled What if there were no Kleptos? He still gets stressed out when he writes for very long though. His dream to be an illustrious author might not be reached.

More exciting than Billy's career progression might be the fact that Kara turned into a teen today. She looks so much like me. She has inherited the Kleptos family trait now. Yes, indeed, my daughter is so much like me, except we don't share any other traits.

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Default Week 6: Billy Retires
Saturday... Kane got up early and turned on the gardening channel. Then he went out and tended his garden in much better spirits today. (I am so glad that we bought that television.) I do think he needs to socialize with others more though, so I was glad to hear that he applied for another part-time job. This time he will be working weekends at the spa.

Speaking of socializing more, Kara invited Sameh, our old paper boy, over. They are best friends. She found out that he is a book worm who is a bit absent-minded.

Billy completed his Kleptos fiction, which, not surprisingly, wasn't too big of a seller. He has started a drama now titled The Night that was Not. Since his brand new desk and chair are in the newly-completed study, he is much happier as he works on his writing.

My big news is that we did even more redecorating and I finally got that last guitar skill and was promoted to conductor. So, in addition to the new study for Billy, we actually have a real kitchen now. By that I mean that we have cabinets, a sink, and a real stove, not just the kid's muffin maker. We also purchased a nice table and a couple more chairs.

Sunday... Billy and I were off again today. I just played chess to try and build up my logic skill. He wrote until he got stressed out and then he painted. He is a very proficient painter and has made half a dozen brilliant paintings now.

Kane worked on his garden and called to chat with a friend of his from school. Then he went by the reading room to improve his handiness because again we had to call a repairman to fix the shower. Kane did work at the spa today and then he went back by the reading room to learn more about repairing things. He has started the long, tedious task of upgrading the plumbing to be self-cleaning.

Kara jogged to the gym. She took along some apples to snack on and worked out for quite a while. She has decided that she'd like to be a master thief. She is a klepto, so I guess that makes sense. She bathed at the art gallery today after her work out and somehow managed to bring home an extra toilet for our house.

Monday... Today Kane got a promotion. I am so proud of him. He goes to school, works, takes care of his garden, and still has time for homework. Though, he really does need more fun. I wonder if I can convince him to quit his job.

Kara too went to work after school today. She didn't get as stressed out at school or work as Kane. She didn't get a promotion, but she is relatively happy with life and not so stressed out doing her homework as poor Kane.

Billy finished writing his book after work today. This drama sold for three times what his first one did, so that is great for him. He has now started a children's book titled Who? What? Why?

I didn't get promoted to the top of my career yet, but I am hopeful that tomorrow will be the day. After work today, I tried again to paint a portrait of Billy. I do hope I can get a nice painting finished before Billy is an elder.

We have lots of money now, so we can buy whatever we need. Kara and Kane have been doing their homework at the Wright Reading Room, so I guess it was past time to buy some book cases and a couple more desks. We also finally bought a bath tub. Now we just need to stop in at the grocery store and buy some bubble bath. (Billy already has a rubber ducky.)

Tuesday... I did a very happy dance today. I made it to the top and am a hit movie composer now. They gave me a stereo as an extra bonus. I guess that means we'll have a spare whenever one of the kids moves out. I, of course, continued to work on getting a good portrait of Billy.

Kane didn't have to work today, so he played a bit of chess and again worked in his garden. One of the toilets needed to be unclogged as well. It was the one that Kara managed to bring home from the art gallery earlier.

Kara stayed after school today to fix their boiler. She did get paid for it, but it put her in a lousy mood for work. She came home desperate for fun and still needed to do her homework. After school jobs are just not good for teens.

Billy has an opportunity to take 10 paintings to the office building where we earlier walked through the art show on display. Neither of us were that impressed with their show, so now Billy can make a difference. We have several paintings around the house now, so he just needs to paint a couple more.

Wednesday... Today both Kara and Kane quit their jobs. Kara came home to paint and Kane worked on his garden. Then he discovered a large white dwarf last night, which he named "Lawdy!"

Billy took the paintings over to the business building today and made quite a bit of money selling them. He had lots of brilliant paintings and one masterpiece. For myself, I am still creating average paintings and am trying once more to paint a decent portrait of Billy.

Billy finished his children's book and is now writing a humorous one titled Laughing at Life. When his mood got a bit sour from all that writing, I knew just how to make him happy again. Our marriage has turned out well, and I have no regrets.

Thursday... I created a decent portrait of Billy, but it is so dark! I ran out of time though. Today, Billy turned into an elder and retired from his law enforcement career. He'll just paint and write now.

Kane keeps busy in his garden twice a day. A couple of the plants are now barren, but he still gets lots of produce. Maybe he should sell some of that since we never use anything but the apples.

Kara worked out for a while today. She really likes to exercise. She also called up a couple guys that she knows. They are both young adults already, so maybe she should make friends with one of Kane's school mates.

Friday... Billy enjoyed his first day of retirement. He completed another masterpiece today. That makes three for him.

I am working hard trying to get one more raise before I too get older and retire. I need so much logic though and I haven't really concentrated on that. I was putting all my energy into my music and my art. Even if I don't get another raise though, it is nice having a stretch limo for transportation.

Kara managed to bring home a sink from the reading room today. Now our second bath is complete. Kane works on upgrading the plumbing since he plans to make science his career.

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Default Week 7: Family Grows
Saturday... Today was a weekend and I was the only one who had to go to work. In fact, I forgot that I even had to work until I got a reminder. I painted a blue bird of happiness for Kane's room before leaving and was in a really great mood. I finished a composition that I had been working on as well and the producers loved it, so I did indeed get another bonus and raise today. That made a really great birthday present for me as today I celebrated my birthday.

Billy made another brilliant painting and improved his writing. He is currently working on a book called Unsolved Mysteries. He broke his laptop and had to go to the reading room to use one of their computers.

Kane did his daily gardening and watched the garden channel for a bit. He even invited a young lady over who went to his high school and is already a young adult. Then he too headed over to the reading room so that he could read some handy guides that would prepare him to fix Billy's laptop.

Kara worked out for several hours straight today. Then she worked on her charisma skills and even read a book on charisma down at the reading room. Before the day ended, she got out my guitar and played for awhile.

Sunday... We all had the day off today. I painted a couple masterpieces and reached my lifetime want to master the arts while Billy worked on his mystery. Kara again worked out for several hours and Kane spent the morning in his garden, where the apple trees are now barren, before he upgraded the shower to be self-cleaning.

The really big news today was Kane's birthday. He is now a young adult. He went to the science facility and applied for a job, which he'll start tomorrow.

Monday... Kane's first day at the science facility involved testing something that made him itchy. Even though he was in a great mood at the beginning of the day, his mood really tanked by the end of the shift. Working hard all day, he was still a sliver away from a promotion.

He tried to romance a couple gals that he knows. Unfortunately, he doesn't know them that well for all that he is good friends or best friends with them. All he really knows about them is that one is flirty and the other has a good sense of humor.

The self-cleaning shower broke down again today and got water all over. Then the self-cleaning toilet that Kara added to the household clogged again. Poor Kane was kept busy with the plumbing and had no chance to work on his dad's broken laptop.

Billy went to the reading room to work on his latest book. This one is a historical and is titled When the Sun Sets in the Valley. He has now made it to the top of the writing profession and has achieved his lifetime want to be an illustrious author.

I went to the reading room myself before work to study logic. There I ran into my old boss Yuri Ivanov. He had the latest member of their family with him, a toddler named Carmen. It brought back memories of my early days in town when I was staying at the art museum and his family would stop by there with little Dimitri.

Tuesday... Kane didn't waste any time. He got a promotion at work and then called up his friend with a good sense of humor. He ended up proposing without knowing anything else about her. (Of course, I did the same with Billy.) Anyway we welcomed Kiley into the family and converted Billy's office to a honeymoon suite.

Wednesday... Kiley started her new political career today. She wants to be a leader of free world some day. I have my doubts about that as she isn't charismatic at all or even overly friendly. Still, maybe she'll make the right connections.

Kane experienced a small explosion at work today and got a little singed. However, I guess his work still contributed to the greater good as he did get promoted to some useless contraption manipulator or something like that. Fortunately he has all the gardening and other handy skills he needs for a future promotion.

Billy and I spent a lot of time at the reading room today. He finished his historical book and will get quite a bit of royalties from it. I maxed my logic skills today and will maybe see a benefit in another raise at work.

Thursday... Life is going by so very quickly. I finally became a partner at the theatre. (I don't know why I didn't think of doing that earlier.) Then, I bought a teleporter for our family today to help cut down on commuting time. While I was looking in our family inventory, I noticed that Kara had brought home a mirror from her school and there was also a really nice set of curtains that previously resided at the book store. It was nice to decorate the house a bit more with the extra furnishings. Then, Kara brought home some flowers from her school today. It is the unexpected things in life that bring a smile, isn't it?

Kane fixed Billy's laptop this morning before he left for work, so Billy wrote a non-fiction today just because he felt that he should write something now that it was working I suppose. Who is really interested in reading about changes at Electronic Arts though? It wasn't one of his big sellers. Then, Billy bought a mood manager and gifted it to Kane as a thank you. Hopefully Kane won't have such depressing mood swings now when things happen in his laboratory that aren't so very nice.

We also learned that Kiley is now expecting a baby. They were both promoted today, so it is a very good time to start a family. I painted a picture of Kane for their room, but I do hope it is replaced with a better picture of him soon. (It is a masterpiece, but... it isn't perfect.)

Friday... Kane had another minor explosion at work and came home singed again. He was a sliver away from a promotion. If he had only read some book for work, he could have moved up the ladder today. Oh well, at least now he'll be able to relax on Monday and get to know his fellow scientists better.

Kiley made friends with all of us in the family and met one of my co-workers. It was enough to improve her charisma skill a bit. It's too bad she couldn't work today. She would have gotten a promotion easily.

I got another raise and worked on another portrait of Kane. It wasn't worth keeping though. Billy had also attempted a portrait of Kane and it sold well too, but it didn't really look like Kane either.

Today, Kara grew up. She looks the same to me. I was disappointed to find out that Kara actually has a mean streak. I guess it goes along with her wanting to be a master thief. As parents, Billy and I both would like her to be a doctor, but we know it isn't our decision to make.

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Default Surprise, Grandma!
Saturday... Today started out as a normal day. Kiley awoke and ate a slice of toast with red jam.

Then Kane joined her in the kitchen and they shared an early morning embrace while the rest of the household was still abed.

Kiley went off to the Wright Reading Room to meet some people and work on her charisma skill. She won't be easily forgotten by anyone there as she soon went into labor.

She headed home to let Kane know that her labor had begun.

Kane wasn't prepared for this event yet.

He tried to convince Kiley that it was only false labor, but she was not convinced.

She decided that if Kane wasn't going to be any help that she would go to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital just fine.

Kane was glad he wouldn't have to help with the delivery.

In fact, as Kiley went inside, he stayed outside in the fresh air as he really needed a lot of fresh air right now.

He picked out baby names while Kiley was inside and was ready with a list of them when she came out.

They caught another taxi back home again to find that the house now had a couple new wings.

Kiley was excited to share her news with Grandpa Billy.

She was a bit put off that Kane always seemed to lag behind.

Billy found Kane's shock a bit amusing.

Kane and Kiley soon found a working rhythm though.

Before long Keiki, Keilani, and Keiana were all snuggled, played with, fed, changed, and put to bed.

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Default Week 8: Oh My Triplets
Sunday... Well, triplets can certainly keep you busy. Snuggle, play with, feed, change, repeat, again. I had no sooner gotten to bed than the little ones woke up and needed a diaper change. They are adorable though.

Kiley took advantage of the weekend to go to the reading room again after taking care of the three little ones this morning. She meet several Sims there and discovered that the Ivanov family has grown recently and has two young girls, Rosemary and Carmen. Kiley was reading the advanced book on Charisma there and gained an additional skill.

Billy got a bit stir crazy today from working on his latest romance My Love, Kyanna. I guess he hasn't gotten out much since he retired. As a loner, he tends to stay at home. Anyway, he went to the art gallery to use their toilet and bath. Then he just painted in his boxers as he does at home. I love a guy who is comfortable anywhere in his boxers.

Kane is doing a great job taking care of all of his girls. He is also keeping up on his new garden. In addition, he still takes care of all our plumbing problems and has upgraded the cheap toilet to be unbreakable.

Kara has started her new job at a certain warehouse in town. She worked hard all day, but was a sliver away from a promotion. She came home and played my old guitar for fun. Then she too snuggled and played with her new nieces.

Monday... Today both Kara and Kane came home with promotions and I got another raise. I also made another masterpiece. This one sold for almost 3K.

Kiley again went to the reading room and got to know another Sim. She read more in the advanced charisma book there. However, she needs another couple friends before her charisma will improve.

We all take turns taking care of the triplets. They are very hard to get to know. They can't do much yet of course but simply watch and respond to their environment.

Tuesday... Kane got yet another promotion today. Now he needs some fishing skill. He fished at work until he discovered the no fishing sign. Then, he fished closer to home.

Kara didn't get a promotion today and she didn't have much fun either. She quit working hard and just got to know a co-worker better. Then, she went next door to the pool for fun and jogged home.

I wrote another song at work and the band loved it. The producers were happy with it too. So I got a bonus. Then, I stopped by the art gallery on the way home. I must admit that the divider looks nicer in my bathroom than it did at the art center.

The best news of the day is that the triplets are now toddlers. Billy and I started teaching Keiki and Keiana to talk. We are so thrilled that they are growing up and turning into little individuals now. Keiana even has her grandpa's hair.

Wednesday... Oh, my, what a day it was today. Everyone had the day off and the kids spent all day trying to teach the little ones to walk and talk. The girls started early helping Keiki and Keiana learn to talk. Kane got up when Keilani was ready to rise and started training her. With breaks to eat and potty, it was an all day affair. The girls, Kara and Kiley, took naps at the same time as Keiki and Keiana.

Billy and I stayed out of their way for the most part. I painted some masterpieces and Billy finished his romance, which sold really well. He'll get over 2K every week for royalties on that one. Then he wrote a trashy novel just so he had written one of each kind.

Thursday... Poor Kane was so tired. He had to get up early to use the bathroom and try to potty train Keiana before work. Kiley had it even worse though. She got up early to potty train Keiki and then stayed up to finish teaching Keiana to walk. She was ready to go back to bed when she got the reminder that her maternity leave was over.

Kara and I both had the day off though. So, between the two of us, it was easy enough to take care of the triplets. Only two weren't potty trained yet this morning and all of them could walk and talk. By the end of the day, they were all potty trained and had learned as much as they could with the little block set.

Kane and Kiley both worked all day; but neither got a promotion, though Kiley was as close as she could be to one. They came home and took naps and then Kane went fishing for a while. After Kiley got up from a couple naps, Kara visited the swimming pool and I went by the reading room. We have a life preserver in one bathroom now and a new chair in the main room.

It was an incredibly long day since the little ones are not on the same sleep schedule. Billy got a little stir crazy again today. He finally went out and went to paint at the art gallery. This time he left the house in his boxers and teleported there. The gallery was empty this late at night, so only the taxi driver saw him on the way home.

Friday... Well, the kids all got a promotion today. Kara even had to turn around and go back to work tonight. That wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't jogged home after work the first time. When she came home, she was tired, yet she still took time to play with the little ones.

Billy and I both painted today. He wanted to make a couple more masterpieces and I just wanted to make a really expensive painting. I also wrote another hit song and got yet another bonus at work. Things sure have changed a lot since I first came to Riverview.

The little girls continue to grow so quickly. They have been mastering their musical talents and working on their mechanical skills. They have also started getting better acquainted with each other.

Saturday... Today I conducted the symphony at the theatre. The showing was great and we earned quite a bit in box office sales. I, of course, got a cut as both the conductor and a partner. Afterwards, I tried to make a painting of the little ones, though it was not the best.

Billy made a masterpiece today and finally maxed his logic skill. Kara went swimming before work after jogging to the pool. (She has now run 500K.) Both Kane and Kiley read a book for work and then Kane went fishing again. (He claims that he must for work.)

The little ones still have a couple days more before they are old enough to start school. They have improved their relationships with each other and with us. We aren't all friends yet, but we should be before their next birthday.

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Default Final Chapter
Sunday... We mostly enjoyed the last day of the weekend today. No one had to work except for Kara, who goes at nine at night. She slept in really late and didn't get up until it was almost evening. She brought home some towels from the swimming center after her shift yesterday and picked up a fallen wad of cash at work tonight.

Billy and I painted, of course. He made a couple really brilliant paintings and a masterpiece. We kept them all and decorated a few rooms.

Kane got his fishing skill up to where he needs it to be. He also took care of his garden of course. Then, just before he went to bed, he upgraded the shower to be unbreakable. Thank goodness! I was so tired of cleaning up that mess.

Kiley stayed home all day and took care of the girls. The triplets aren't much bother. There seems to be one sleeping while other two play together with their dollhouse.

Monday... Kara, Kane, and Kiley were all promoted today and I got another raise. Billy and I painted more masterpieces as well. The days are beginning to blend into all the others that have come before. We are just waiting for the little ones to grow up and start the next stage of their lives.

Tuesday... I can hardly make an entry today. It must be the saddest day of my life. One moment Billy was playing with a granddaughter and the next moment he was disappearing from our lives forever.

Kiley was extremely upset. She fainted at the sight of the grim reaper. Poor little Keiana also fainted, or maybe she just passed out because she was tired. (She had only been put to bed and then it was time to grow up just as Billy left us.)

The girls did grow into pleasant-looking children, but I do wonder about their personalities. Keiki feels she is a loser because she grew up while her grandpa Billy died. Keilani is a bit insane due to the unfortunate incident. Keiana is a bit grumpy about life in general now.

I am sure they'll do just fine though. They do have some good traits. For example, while grumpy, Keiana is still friendly. Keilani might be insane, but she is also ambitious. I'm sure that Keiki will get a good trait or two as she grows up; however for now, I don't see how being clumsy or a light sleeper will help her much.

Wednesday... We all had the day off today to mourn Billy with the exception of Kiley. (I guess as she didn't know Billy as well as the rest of us, it was just more of a shock than a true loss to her.) She went to work and even got a promotion today. The rest of us stopped and mourned Billy several times during the day.

The triplets, however, went to school today. Just as with Kiley, they didn't really know their grandpa that well and didn't grieve for him much. They were just too young. Anyway, two of them even stayed after school to clean out cages. When they all got home, we helped them with their homework though our loss was still very much in our thoughts.

I did create several paintings today. It helped to have something to do. One of them was even a masterpiece. However, I didn't like any of them and none of them broke the 3K mark that I am trying to break right now.

By the end of the day, Kane decided to cure us of our depressed moods. He is a good son and his efforts proved helpful. In exchange, I borrowed the mood manager from him and used it on him as well.

Thursday... Well, Kara and I both had the day off today. She spent most of the time on the phone. (She is so restless that she runs around even while talking on her cell.)

I made a few more paintings. Then, Kara and I both visited the art gallery, which means that we have a few more nice items around the house. I also helped out at a fund-raiser today and brought home more money, though at this point in our lives we don't need anything and we are only making money for the children to be able to buy their own homes some day.

Kane was promoted to some robot-creature cross-breeder and has now obtained his lifetime wish as well. Kiley, on the other hand, spent the whole day running errands for her boss and was just shy of a promotion once again. She is supposed to be getting campaign funds, but she hasn't had any more luck with that than Billy had trying to glean data from others for reports.

Speaking of Billy, he did visit us today. He plopped down in front of the television for awhile. Then, he joined me in bed. He seems to be contented, though I guess I should take his remains to the cemetery so he doesn't scare poor Kiley someday.

The girls are all doing well in school. They all have As. They have also gained all the mechanical skills they can for now; so they have been writing on the computer and practicing their artist skills on the easels. Keilani has already decided that she wants a career in business. Actually, she plans to be a CEO someday. She is our ambitious one.

Friday... Today Kiley was promoted again and held a campaign party after work. The party was truly awesome. She raised almost 50K. Since we all helped entertain her guests at the party, there isn't much else to note. One comment I should make is that pizza should maybe be served on a single table in the middle of an open space or extreme bottle neck situations may occur.

Saturday... Everyone enjoyed the day off except me. I had to go to work. A bunch of school kids came by on a field trip though and I got to do a jam session for them.

Keiki went out fishing with her dad. Keilani made a painting. Keiana called a boy she met at school. Kara worked out on her new gym equipment. Kiley spent most of the day on the phone. She is just shy of maxing her charisma skills.

And that, my friends, is where the diary ends.

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That was really really good!
Well done!
Are you planning on carrying on with one of the triplets?
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Default A New Story Emerges
If the latest patch hasn't messed up the old game, I will continue the legacy. I hadn't tried to play an old game for awhile, as several people had problems/glitches. I waited a bit for any post-patch patching.

Now, I have continued to play my legacy family and finally decided that all the patching is done and the game is running okay. I have played through another generation and thought I'd call the new story "Letters to Grandma." However, since this hasn't moved to the completed stories yet, I'll just add on to the original one.
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Default 1: Letters to Grandma
We miss you, Grandma Kyanna, and we are very sad. Daddy says that Grandpa Billy was lonely without you and you went to be with him. We don't really remember Grandpa Billy much and would rather you had stayed with us instead.

Momma said it might be nice if we wrote things down that we would like you to know. She said that you wrote in a diary since the time you came to live in Riverview. That was a long, long time ago back before we were even born.

Momma said you might like it if we wrote things in diaries too, but diaries are too much work. You have to write in them every day, and that would be too boring. We don't even know what things to write. Momma said that maybe we could just write some letters about things that you might like to hear about - things that we are thinking about and would like to tell you.

So, Grandma, we put your unfinished painting in our bedroom. We like it a lot. Now we have a big painting from both you and Grandpa Billy in our room to look at.

We put up monuments for both you and Grandpa Billy in the backyard. You looked a lot different in the paintings than we remember you. Daddy laughed when we said that. He told us you didn't always have white hair. He said hair just changes color when you get older. We don't want our hair to change color, so we aren't going to get old. Momma and Daddy both laughed at that too. It was good to hear them laugh.

Daddy was given a promotion, but he wouldn't even show it to us. He laughed when we asked to see it. Then he showed us money that looked just like all his other money. He said he is now a mad scientist. He doesn't seem mad to us. He likes to fish and grow things in his garden, and he is always making things work better. He tells great jokes and gives good hugs.

Momma got a promotion too. She said it is like an angel: maybe you can't see it, but it is nice to have. She is very happy. She knows lots of people and is always talking about votes. Everyone loves Momma as much as we do.

Aunt Kara doesn't talk about her job. She works at night. She says that she is in the right track for her. I guess that means she runs at night when it is not so hot out. She loves to run.

We really miss you Grandma. Even bubble baths are sad. Playing with the rubber ducky doesn't help.

We tried to make nice paintings like you did. Ours don't look as good as yours though. They aren't much fun to make without you here either.

Playing games isn't any fun at all. We miss you. We want you to come back. Please!

Keiki, Keilani, and Keiana
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Default 2: Birthday
We've grown up, Grandma. We aren't little girls any more. We thought you might like to see how we turned out.

I, Keilani, grew up first. Sometimes I act a bit insane. Other times, I am a bit clumsy. (I get that from Daddy.) I am always brave though and filled with ambition. I think you'd be proud of me.

I, Keiki, was the next to grow up. I too am clumsy like Daddy and a bit of a loser at times. I am also a really light-sleeper. To make up for some of my rather unfortunate traits though, I have turned into a really good schmoozer.

And, always last it seems, I, Keiana, too grew up. On a positive note, I am friendly and hardworking. On a less than positive note, I am grumpy sometimes and I hate the outdoors.

Dad has achieved his lifetime want. He brought home one of his robot creatures, which we keep in a fish bowl and feed every evening. Daddy still fishes and plays chess a lot. He likes to maximize all his skills.

Mom made mayor and then governor. She will soon be a real leader to the free world. We are so very proud of, and happy for, her.

Aunt Kara is a lot like you. She paints and plays the guitar. We have her paintings all over the house.

We still miss you. I guess we always will. You'll be glad to know we are on the honor roll at school.

Love, Keilani, Keiki, and Keiana
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Default 3: Life Continues
Wow, Grandma, Aunt Kara has achieved her lifetime want. They gave her a nice gold statue and she didn't even have to retire first. I think a gold watch might be nicer and more useful; but the statue looks cool, doesn't it?

Aunt Kara still works nights and mostly paints all day long. She creates so many really interesting paintings that we have problems finding a place to hang them all. She says that she will make portraits of us all someday.

I have met a really nice guy named Rafael. He is a bit of a loner and, therefore, is a bit intimidated by our large family. Yet, I think we are destined to be together.

Keiana doesn't like the outdoors, so she spends a lot of time playing chess and painting.

Daddy is collecting a lot of plaques for perfecting his various skills.

Pretty much life continues as before. I know you watch over us, and I hope you are happy with the way things are working out for us. I just wanted to let you know we still think of you and miss you often.

Love, Keiki
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Default 4: Kimi
Well, Grandma, time sure passes quickly, doesn't it? I married Rafael, who wants to be a surgeon. We have a little girl named Kimi.

Mom and Dad have gotten older. She is tired of always asking for campaign donations and plans to retire soon. Dad still likes his job, but he has lots of hobbies that he tries to perfect as well.

Aunt Kara continues to paint during the day and work at night. She often brings home paintings from work as well. I especially like the painting she made of Rafael.

Though Keiana doesn't get out much, she does have a guy friend who comes over a lot. Keiana works part-time at a spa and wants to be a Renaissance Sim who perfects at least three skills. She is working on her logic, writing, and painting skills, all of which she can do from the comfort of home.

Keilani has always been ambitious. She knew that she wanted to be a CEO before Keiana or I had any idea of what we wanted to do. Keilani spends a lot of evenings and weekends at business meetings. When she is home, she, like most of us, spends her time painting.

For myself, I chose the military because I want to be an astronaut. (That will show all those people who thought I was a loser!) I'll leave you with this family picture that shows how quickly time indeed passes.

(You'll notice that Aunt Kara is an elder now too and little Kimi is already a little girl. What you probably don't notice is that Rafael has achieved his lifetime want to be a surgeon and that Keilani achieved hers to be a CEO. Keiana and I, however, are still working on our lifetime wants.)

Love, Keiki
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Default 5: Good-Byes and Hellos
Grandma, I am a terrible letter-writer, aren't I? The last time I wrote Kimi was just a little girl and Keiana and I were still striving to achieve our lifetime wants. Well, Kimi isn't a little girl anymore, and with the exception of Kimi, we have all achieved our lifetime wants.

I want you to know that Mom and Dad were very happy right until the end of their lives. Mom was trying to max another skill and Dad was trying to stock our ponds with all different types of fish. They might have started getting a few strange thoughts as they got older, but mostly they never let old age slow them down.

Mom passed away at the library where she was working on her tinkering skills. You see, after retiring from the political scene, she was really bored. So, she joined the science career to be closer to Dad; and she was working her way up quite successfully.

Dad was, of course, heart-broken. Without Mom around, he moped a lot. He followed her a day later.

Aunt Kara, like Mom and Dad, worked right up until her last day. She must have worked too hard. She died an hour before her shift was over. We never knew she worked in an old warehouse, but I guess it was a good place to work out and train others in strength and agility.

Both of your children accomplished a lot in their lifetimes. In addition to perfecting many skills and making it to the top of their careers, they left behind a great legacy. We have many of Aunt Kara's paintings around the house and lots of Dad's fish in our ponds.

We have lost some very cherished members of our family. We have also gained a few new ones. Such is the nature of our lives.

Kimi has joined the musical career and wants to be a hit movie composer just as you were. Who knows what the boys will chose. For now, we have taught little Kevin and Kyle to walk, talk, and use the potty. The rest is up to them.

Much love, Keiki
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Default 6: Kenzie

Time sure flies. We have one more great grandchild for you. Her name is Kenzie.

The boys have grown so much. Kyle, like his Aunt Keiana, doesn't like the outdoors. He plays a lot of chess and has decided that he wants to be a chess grand master some day.

Kevin, however, would rather investigate things and write about them. He has his great grandpa's writing ability. He plans to be a star anchor reporter.

Kimi has made it into the symphony and is well on her way to following in your shoes. She definitely has a great musical ability. It won't be long until she is a hit movie composer.

The rest of us have all gotten older. Just as yours did, our hair too has completely changed color. (Mine is more gray than white.) I can tell you that getting old doesn't feel so good; but you already know that, don't you?

We had our first fire today, but we managed to put it out okay. I just won't put the outside table on the grass anymore. From now on, we'll set it up on the tile when we are having a birthday party.

Love, Keiki
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Default 7: Passage of Time
Well Grandma, do you wonder what's been happening lately?

Keiana and I have both surpassed Dad in the amount of plaques we have accumulated. Both of us have maxed seven skills so far and are working on another one. Since we rarely work, we have lots of time to perfect hobbies. (Keiana only has a part-time job at the spa and, as an astronaut, I only work one day a week.)

Keilani is often in meetings, so she hasn't achieved as many little goals as we have. Rafe, too, spends a lot of time researching the latest medical procedures, so he hasn't as much time for hobbies either. They are both great painters and gardeners though. Recently, Rafael maxed his fishing skills as well.

Children grow so fast; don't they, Grandma? It seems like only yesterday that Kenzie was a baby. I can picture Rafe hugging her as he put her in her crib at night or got her up in the morning.

She just isn't that little anymore. Now she has school and play mates to visit. It won't be so long before she too is a teenager.

The twins, Kev and Kyle, are teenagers now. They both look so much like their dad did when I first met him. Someday soon one of them will fall in love with a class mate. How could someone not love this face?

Or this one?

Kimi did follow in your shoes. She achieved her lifetime want to be a hit movie composer. Now she is developing her gardening skills, painting, and writing. She really turned out very well. Here's a picture of the portrait Keiana made of her.

Surprisingly it appears that Kevin has inherited your kleptomaniac trait. He brought home something the other day that reminded me how often Aunt Kara would bring home surprises. (I know that Keiana also has that trait; but since she hates the outdoors, she doesn't venture out so often.)

What can I tell you Grandma? Because you came to Riverview with a dream, we exist. We are reminded of you when we look at some of your paintings around the house. Every time we go into the dark bathroom at the reading room or the sparsely furnished building that is no longer an art gallery, we think of you and Aunt Kara as well. We are Kleptos, and we are leaving our mark in this sleepy little town.

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Default 8: Old Age and Ghosts
Oh, Grandma,

I knew we were old, but I didn't know we were so old.
The teens graduated and turned into young adults. Kevin started romancing one of his old class mates. (Her name is Adrianne.)

It isn't like there was room in the house for another person, or so we thought. However, we were taken by surprise. While painting on the back patio, Rafael and Keilani were visited by the Grim Reaper. Rafael was the first to go.

We were all upset of course. It made us realize just how soon we too might leave this world. So, Keilani and Keiana started doing portraits of the twins. Keilani didn't get to finish hers. She was taken just hours after Rafael.

They both lived very rewarding lives. I just wish they could have stayed longer. We added their portraits and plaques to the others on the back wall.

Then I put some of Keilani's paintings that we had saved on the front wall.

The paintings filled the wall. I had to decide which ones to keep and which ones to sell. It's like an art gallery now.

Keiana got to finish her portrait of Kyle before she went the very next day. (I love that painting. I wish she could have made portraits for all the kids before she passed on.)

She was working on a portrait of Adrianne when her life was interrupted. It makes an interesting unfinished painting. Maybe, we'll hang it in the newlywed's room until we have a better one.

Keiana might have had a grumpy trait, but she was generally only upset by going outside on her way to and from work since she hated the outdoors. She was a workaholic though, so she loved her time at work. Since she only had a part-time job at the spa, she sure mastered a lot of skills.

Her paintings are truly masterpieces. I put the best ones on the back of the front wall for now. I grouped all the medium paintings together, followed by the large ones. Here's a picture of the smaller ones:

As morbid as it seems, I have already prepared my plot. I have maxed nine skills and accumulated over 300,000 lifetime happiness points. So, it's been a very good life thus far. I do want to max my charisma skills before I go though. Too bad I didn't start working on that trait a long time ago.

I do know that death on one level isn't an absence of being. I see you and Grandpa talking about wireless internet connections out back.

Even Keiana, who always hated the outdoors, is using the GPS on her cell to navigate now.

Dad, as a mad scientist, seems to have better skills at roaming around freely though.

He was always interested in learning more while he was alive. It seems that his quest for knowledge hasn't abated. He can be found reading the new books in our library at night.

Well, until my time comes, I'll continue to live life to the fullest. (By the way, that's Kyle painting. He achieved his lifetime want to be a chess grand master while still a teen. He is now following in his father's footsteps in the medical profession.)

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Default 9: Twins
Oh Grandma,

I have great news today. With more room in the house, Adrianne gave birth to twin girls. Little Kami came first. She was followed shortly by Kalini.

They have grown quickly as most babies do. Little Kami is absolutely adorable. She seems to always have bed-head, as she's a heavy sleeper.

Her sister Kalini already shows artistic promise. This is her favorite shirt. The green accentuates her eyes.

They aren't the only ones who have grown up so quickly though. My youngest, Kenzie, is now a teenager. She doesn't have the best traits in the world as she seems to have inherited most of our worst traits and more of her own. Though gorgeous to look at, she is unlucky, insane, and neurotic. Her lifetime want is to be a tinkerer. Isn't that just the goal for an unlucky Sim?

Since Adrianne's wish is to raise five babies to teens, Kyle felt he should move out. He has already attained his lifetime want, and he has over 100,000 lifetime happiness points. So, while still climbing his way to the top in the medical profession, Kyle moved into a house just down the street that cost us quite a bit of money. (Having anything more than a couple million sitting around would just be a waste really, so why not buy the kids a nice house?)

Kimi isn't quite ready to move out yet. She wants to get 200,000 lifetime happiness points first. She is very close; so, after a few more days, Kimi should be able to move in with her brother or get her own place. She has been a great help around the house though and we will miss her when she goes.

However, with more room in the house after Kyle left, Adrianne got pregnant again. The toddlers are skilled in the important things they need to learn, so it's easier to take care of them now. They can just read books and play with their blocks or xylophone.

So, we have welcomed the latest member of our family. This time we have a baby boy. His name is Kody. (He too hates the outdoors. That is one trait I hope gets lost in future generations!)

For now, Adrianne and Kevin will wait a bit before having another babe. They will enjoy more time with their three little ones before they grow up more. Life is going well for them and the rest of us.

Until next time,

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Default 10: Last Letter
Hello again, Grandma.

I thought you might like this picture of the place now. We added on a second story, though no second floor, before Kyle moved out. We thought we might need the space for more paintings.

I thought this picture of Kenzie holding Kody reveals an interesting personality on her part. I do often wonder what she is thinking at times. However, it doesn't bother me that she wears her swim suit around the house or sleeps in her pant suit. After all, Keilani was the same way.

We celebrated Kody's birthday. Adrianne called all her friends to let them know that Kody was growing up. The paper girl wanted to stick around for birthday cake, but she couldn't wait too long as she had to finish her route.

Eventually, Kody grew up into a nice looking toddler. I wonder if he'll be athletic. He likes to wear his tennis shoes even with just a diaper; and, he can already walk.

I realized that I didn't give you any good pictures of Kimi lately. Did I even tell you that she is a friendly schmoozer? (She must have gotten that first trait from you as did Keiana, but that second trait she got from me!) She is also a workaholic like Kara and Keiana were and a perfectionist like you. Her heavy sleeping gene was passed along to the next generation in Kami and Kody. She has almost maxed her gardening skills and has already surpassed 200,000 lifetime happiness points. It is too bad that none of the other kids knows the first thing about taking care of a garden.

We threw a party today to invite all of Kenzie's young friends from school over. They'll be graduating soon and growing up and probably leaving town as so many have in the past. It was a great way to get to know people as Kevin and Adrianne both need to know lots of people in their jobs and I am only one point away from maxing my charisma skill.

We really had a house full with seven or eight teens. We should have invited Kyle over to meet them. He stays so busy that we rarely see him except on his way to work and back home again.

After the party, I came over to the Wright Reading Room to work on my last charisma point. I've been using the computer here to type your letter as well. I just have this eerie feeling that I won't get my last point, and therefore the last plaque, before I die.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Love, Keiki
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