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Default TS3 Greenhouse (and custom roofing) tutorial
TS3 Greenhouse and custom roofing tutorial

A greenhouse is often nice in a The Sims lot. TS3 way to do is different from TS2 because 2 points :
-The management of the ConstrainFloorElevation (CFE)
-The windows overlay capacity.

1- Roofing
Build a 2 storey bar, like you need, tile the top now because create this will be impossible soon (any tile you can change it easily)
Dig a 2 stairs hole in the prolongation of the building.

remove the stairs
place a column on the bottom of the hole
ConstrainFloorElevation (CFE) false, Flatten the 1st level

At this point you can gain time if you know wich windowing you want to use, trying it and adjusting the height of your compressed wall if needed.

Enter the move objects on cheat
Move your column at ground level, place a 2nd one on top, flatten your top at this level.

Do the same for the center from a 3 to 5 clicks high bump, try it ,TS3 clicks are not precise as TS2 was.

In fact at this point you can create “like roofs” with tiles paterns.
Redo from higher/lower bump if needed.
CFE true, MoveObjects off.

That's all for the roofing.

2-Greenhouse trick :
Add windows on BOTH levels, TS3 allow it. For doors, place a door on ground level a window above.

As you can see in pic you cant place outside plants in your greenhouse, so gardening is impossible.
Just break a piece of the bottom wall and “moveobjects on” place a window in the hole.

Move objects off.

Greenhouse is usable for gardening
Now it is a matter of decor, not of building...
you can see an example in the Riverside City GreenHouse rar file is the pdf of this.
(availlable in french if requested)
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar tutgreen.rar (1.56 MB, 519 downloads) - View custom content

You know a site allowing re-upload of free build/buy stuff in lots ? Help us to update the list !

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Thank you. This will come handy.
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Thank. Just what i wanted.

EDIT: I've used this tutorial in my latest upload. Again, thank you so very much.

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WOW Amazing... but im lazy doing this all this stuff using constrain cheat and doing this and doing that... hope that the developer of the game make it easy for us to create such roofs without the hastle...

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