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Sims 3, World Adventures
Default launcher wont load and game wont play
if i go through the luancher it tells me to check the logs but if i try and start the game directly i get this

unable to start game

service initialization failed (0x0175dcbb)
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Default MTS2 Staff Reply
  • Sims 3 - Game Problems
    For generic game related issues, please see this FAQ:

    Game Help:Sims 3 Game Problemwiki

  • Sims 3 - Uninstall
    This Game_Help:TS3_Uninstallwiki link has the step-by-step instructions to guide you through uninstalling The Sims 3, and its packs (EP/SP).

    If you're reinstalling because you're reverting to an older patch, or just do not want to use the Launcher/EADM to patch, read this FAQ Game_Help:TS3_Patchingwiki once through before patching and then follow the guide.

A few things you can try before last resort of a reinstall.
- Bypass Launcher to test if directly starting the game give same error (Game Help:TS3 Bypassing the Launcherwiki)
- Rename user folders to rule out corrupted ones (step#3 in Game Problem FAQ)
- Try to repair registry (use tool like CCleaner - link in Uninstall FAQ)

Last resort: uninstall and reinstall, as most svc init issues means something wrong with the system not recognizing game files or corrupted game files.
You may however want to test uninstalling the last pack you had installed, before going the whole hog to base game. Sometimes, if you're lucky enough, only the last pack needs to be uninstalled/reinstalled.

Similar thread, among many on this topic, this just happens to be on page 1 still. :)
the sims 3 : unable to start game service initialization failed (0x0175dcbb)

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