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Default CFE Tiptorial - a set of CFE videos
I'm proud to present you my latest work. It's not a world nor a lot, but something much more useful (I hope).

CFE Tiptorial

I tried to make the tiptorials in an order they would make most sense to a person who has no/very little experience on CFE.

CFE tiptorial - using the constrainfloorelevation cheat:
A video about how to activate and deactivate CFE-cheat.

CFE tiptorial part I - Precise foundation heights with and without CFE:
This tiptorial shows you an easy way to make precisely 1/2, 3/4 and full wall height foundations, and also how to alter the terrain to exact foundation heights.

No more guessing how many clicks you need, and stairs that sink in or raise the terrain ever so slightly when placed.

CFE tiptorial Part II - Altering wall height with CFE:
A very basic tiptorial on altering wall height with CFE on the Sims 3.

CFE tiptorial Part III - Split-leveling with CFE:
A tiptorial showing two very basic ways to use CFE - attaching a garage to a house that has a foundation, and making a simple split-level house.

CFE tiptorial Part IV- Stairs and CFE:
A tiptorial on making the most basic shaped stairs in the Sims 3 with CFE.
Covering L-shape, U-shape, and as a sugar on the top - the grand staircase.

CFE tiptorial Part V- Vaulted ceilings with CFE:
A tiptorial on making fancy vaulted ceilings to your sims homes.

Thanks to missroxor for originally letting me know this was possible, it had never occurred me before.

CFE tiptorial Part VI - Some random things with CFE:
A collage of sort - basic tutorials to sloped driveways, fancy outdoor staircases and sunken yards.

CFE tiptorial Part VII - Walk-in-basements with CFE:
A tutorial, an experiment... a Walk-in-basement!

With this I do not call myself experienced. The Basement done this way is actually my 4th (1 try earlier on other occasion, and now a few attempts before taking the video^^). It's also a nice way to end this series for now. Who knows, I might learn more about CFE. Go on you all and experiment!

All the thanks for me even hearing or learning about this go to the curious minds of MTS Building Forum!

I hope you will enjoy the videos, and maybe learn something new too!

Now put on some nice music and start watching CFE Tiptorial!


ps. I sort of promised to do a live time build with voice commentary using all above methods... Will edit this post when ever I find enough time to execute the project ^^
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Thanks Armiel! Is there a tiptorial on using your DIY build sets? :}

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