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Default Make a default replacement for EA Worlds
Hello guys!

I'm currently playing around in CAW, changing EA worlds for personal use. I'm very happy about some of them, and I was hoping it was possible to make a default replacement for them. Kinda stupid to have 2 world files that's basically the same world. I tried searching for a tutorial, but with no luck.

Anyone that can help me?
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Do you mean replace them in the list of worlds in game?
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I did this with Moonlight Falls. If you go into the game installation folders under Program Files, you should be able to remove the world file and replace it with your own. backup the original, and name your world exactly the same as the original world.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 Supernatural\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds would be the path to Moonlight, for instance.
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Thank you so much!
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I forgot a step, sorry. It's been awhile since I did this. I exported the world from CAW, and installed it as per usual, then copied the .world to the installation folder.
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Okey. I will do that
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I did what you said, Margaret Pendragon. But I still get 2 world files, and if I pick the "original" world, a message about a serious error pops up and I have to exit the game. Is this normal?
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Originally Posted by bosspipp
I did what you said, Margaret Pendragon. But I still get 2 world files, and if I pick the "original" world, a message about a serious error pops up and I have to exit the game. Is this normal?
LOL. No, I'd say a serious error isn't normal. I would need to hear specifically what steps you took in order to make a guess as to why you're getting the error.

By 'still 2 world files', what do you mean? If you named your CAW world the same as the EA world you intend to replace, then it may be because you've got a version of the world installed through the launcher still. Once you've installed your exported version of the world, you can uninstall your exported version from the launcher. That way, it won't show up twice.

What world are you trying to make a default replacement for?
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Then, it's possible to replace the University world. Right?
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Hi everyone!
Yes, you can change in CAW each one EA world - from Base Game, Addons or Store and than replace it.
Or you can have both worlds in your game at the same time
Or you can change the world file (for example, add some lighting mod) and have no problems
The point is did you change WPID data or not.

My opinion, to have both worlds at the same time is better. Because there is less chance of bugs.
You import EA world in CAW, change everything you want in it, than you open .world file in S3PE , and delite the resource named WPID.
And the game get your changed world as brand new custom world.
Sure you can change the name of the world as you like, etc.
The complete manual by simsample is here
Note that this method is not compatible with EA script for Vacation worlds.
For example, if you change WPID for, you will get not one more University, but just another one custom world which looks like University.

Also you can change EA world in CAW than replace the original.
In this case you dont need to delete WPID, but you need to keep the name of original world.
"Export", than go to the folder with original world and replace the worlds.
Dont forget to keep the original world in safe place for backup.
And it's done

If you dont delite WPID but just add one more world as Bridgeport(2).world, you will get a classic system error situation when a program accesses a resource by its ID, but under this ID in the system there are two resources with conflicting parameters.

If you made any changes to the .world file, it is highly recommended to start a new game.

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Happy simming!
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