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Default Misukisu's exoticDancersStage Mod Updated
Hi, I'm Arsil. You may remember me from such mods as "Cellulite for Males",
"KissingBoothAttendants can give you herpes" and "[hemor]roid-rage".
Today I'm here to present you an updated version of a mod that doesn't work
properly anymore. It is called: "DancersStage" or "exoticDancersStage".

It was part of a compilation called "Downtown Roles" by Misukisu, you can find
the original mod HERE. All credits stay to the original author, even because I did
nothing: I've only recompiled the code. Other than the "Start Extra Show Now"
interaction appearing multiple times in the pie menu, it seems to work fine to me.

Let me know if there are major bugs.

A few notes from what I've seen in my brief testing:
- sims show up "at work" half an hour before the hour specified for the first show and they
usually start dancing way after the specified hour (something like half an hour or more);
- you can specify multiple shows using the correct syntax (eg 19H21H or 19H21H23H01H,
always end the string with an "H");

I forgot. This is for game version 1.67, I've no clue if it works with previous patches.
To answer a question coming from the future (next post), no, this is only the dancersStage.

I think I fixed the multiple "Start Extra Show Now" issue. Maybe. I've updated the file.

I forgot. This requires Late Night (for the dancing animations). I did a little bit of optimization:
sims will switch clothes only when needed (i.e. when the current outfit is different from the
one they have to wear), in order to save some time. I've updated the file.
Meh... that wasn't really necessary, since the switchoutfit* methods already do that check.
It's a shame because I sounded very professional when I talked about optimization.

I'm removing the attachment since the mod has been officially uploaded on MTS.
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Amazing, thanks!

Does this update the Courtesan's Perfume Bottle and Tippler's Wine Bottle too?
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I am thinking about the interaction showing up multiple times problem:
(...).AddInteraction((...).Singleton, true).
This argument checks whether there is a duplicate interaction. icarus_allsorts taught me to use this. See if this works.
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Thanks. Yep, I fixed it using the same principle, but putting a "foreach blah blah blah" check before calling AddInteraction.
What you suggest seems more elegant but I wonder why it's not the suggested way to add interactions in pure scripting mods.

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Thank you so much!
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So, if I have to update this mod, I better do it right. I took a look at the issues reported to the original author, there were four:
- Dancer's Stage casts a large shadow to the floor (this refers to artificial indoors illumination of course) [FIXED, I removed all occluders from the LITE resource]
- If tuning dialogs are used, the dancer will not dance during the same night [if the hour of the first show is already past/passed/whatever] (I'll see what I can do, but I consider this very low priority. The author suggests to tune it in Buy/Build mode to avoid this issue, I haven't verified if that works)
- Dance show "watch" interaction does not work [FIXED]
- Dance on table [=counter] is enabled for dancer's stage, but when sim uses it he disappears [FIXED, removed the interaction to dance on table, it's not supposed to work on the dancersStage]

I updated the file in the first post.

In the meantime, have you noticed any bug or weird behaviour? Something about sims' motives maybe?


I fixed the "Watch" interaction, but now I have a dilemma. Instead of dancing, sims keep
watching THE dancer all the time and I'm not sure if I like that. I have to find a way to make
it more flexible [EDIT: I put a 20% chance of stop looking]. I'm also not a big fan of the
animations played when watching the dancer (the same used when watching someone
dancing on a counter, but that dancing is much briefer that this one I think).

On a more technical note, now the object's class is not derived from a table anymore.
The original author (who is amazing if I didn't say that before) made sure to avoid any
weird table-behaviour (putting chairs around the stage/table or putting a plate/serving
on the dancersStage for example) but I still didn't feel comfortable about it, it worried
me that somehow the game engine saw that as a table for some internal calculations.
Now that risk should be gone for good.
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Hopefully the final version of the mod will be officially available for download before you can say Mississippi.

It's different from the one in the first post, so re-download.
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So good, thanks again.

Do you imagine you'll resurrect the other components of the Downtown Roles suite?

Edit: Oops, missed your response in the updated post #1 notes. Thanks!
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Hi Arsil, I used the foreach loop before but instead icarus_allsorts simply told me to delete that part and only use the argument boolean to avoid duplicated interactions. Which is why I have given up on using that now.
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THIS IS SO GREAT ive been waiting for someone to update this mod for so long!! youre the best!!
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