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Default The Monastic life challenge (In two flavors!)
I happen to be a very secular person. I enjoyed the fact that there was no "sims religion" in the game, but if you are of the opposite persuasion, this challenge is for you!

Pre-game: Pick a real-life world religion to base your game on. It could be one of the numerous flavors of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Neo-Pagan, Shinto, even ancient mythology-based. But these five sims you are about to create need someone or something to worship. If you don't like any of the world religions I mentioned, you can make up your own with you the player as the being the sims will worship. Pick or create a statue in the Sims to serve as the centerpiece for the altar. Decide which daily rituals shall be used in the game.

Family Creation: You will now create a family of five adult sims, all men, or all women. They must all wear the same clothes, except for the one you designate as high priest/ess. All the sims will have the same last name and be listed all as brothers/sisters. You can create a family of all devout nuns/monks, a family of all corrupt nuns/monks, or a mix where some members are corrupt, others are not. They must fit the following roles:

-The High priest/ess: This sim will lead all the worship rituals every day. Even if this sim is corrupt, they must lead the rituals dutifully. This sim is exempt from the daily chores. This sim is the designated "parent" of the orphans. This sim is also the oldest of the family.

-The Junior Priest/ess: This sim may assist the high priest/ess in the rituals. They also assist the other monks/nuns in the daily chores. This sim is the second oldest.

-The novices: these three sims partake in the daily rituals, but are also responsible for the upkeep of the monestary/convent. As the lot is self-sufficient, they must grow the food, cook the meals, clean the lot, and take care of the "Orphans" the monastery/convent will take in. These sims are all the same age, but only one can earn the role of high priest/ess when they get older.

They will later be joined by:

-The Orphans: These monks/nuns will take in orphaned children to keep the place going for as long as possible. No orphans may be created initially, they can only be adopted later. You may only adopt children to fill the role even if the monastery/convent is corrupt and has out-of-wedlock children around. When these orphans are teenagers, they must decide whether to join the religious order, or leave and live life as a normal sim. If they choose to stay, they will start as novices, and work through the ranks as they age up.


-All sims must have the Good (Or Evil if they are to be corrupt) trait so they can donate money to various charities or undermine them. If an orphan grows up to not have either of these traits, they will move off the lot to have normal families.

-Sims in the religious order are forbidden from getting married, but corrupt nuns/monks may have out-of-wedlock children. These Children can only join the order if they have either the Good or Evil trait. Children of Nuns are raised alongside the orphans, but children of monks are raised by their mothers off-lot.

-You may also recruit outside sims to the religious order, but they must have the good/evil trait and wear the uniform of the order.

-No sim in the order is allowed to have the "No Bills Ever" lifetime wish. You can make as much money as you'd like, but the order must pay up to society. Each member must also donate to/undermine charity every week.

-Sims in the order are allowed to get Jobs, but only skill jobs that are centered on the home. They may learn whatever skills they like, but they can only get jobs to keep the monastery/convent self-sufficient. They may leave the lot if they get stir-crazy, but they must return everyday to partake in the rituals.

-Sims in the order may get pets if they want, but not horses, as those can double as a mode of transportation.

-In keeping with the "vow of poverty" most holy orders take, Sims may only ride bicycles around town. These sims are also forbidden from hiring maids and butlers, but can order pizza if they wish.

-Sims may be supernatural if you have that expansion pack.

-Sims in the order are forbidden from attending university. They may however, earn the "honorary degree" lifetime wish and get a degree that way.

-Sims may travel to the foreign lands if you have the WA expansion pack. The relics that they collect must be donated to a local museum and cannot be kept in the monastery/convent.

-Sims in the order are forbidden from traveling to the future if you have the ITF expansion pack. However, the High Priest/ess may travel to the future using the time machine from Ambitions.

-Only the High Priest/ess may adopt orphans. This includes pulling up forbidden fruit from the garden, building simbots/plumbots, and traveling via time machine to the past.

Now then, it's time to build the monastery/Convent. It must have the following areas:

-The Holy Place: This is where the altar is and the daily rituals are carried out.

-The Garden and working place: This is where your sims will carry out their work to keep the monastery/convent self-sufficient. The garden grows the food, cook the meals, and keep the animals if you have any.

-The Sleeping Place: A dormitory for those in the order. You can have individual rooms or one big one, but remember to keep it spartan. No double beds and no individual bathrooms.

-The Learning place: The library and classroom for the orphans. You may also have a small gym.

-The Remembering place: A crypt or Graveyard of former members of the order. If anyone in the order made friends with outside sims, those sims may be buried here too.

Keep this place going for as long as possible. Have Fun!
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Im going to try this, I already installed a church for the sims to live in, and everything
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I was thinking about doing something like this. Will give this a try!
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