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Default The Surrogate Mother Challenge
Unlike most of my challenges, this one is for those of you out there who have always wanted me to do a SIMPLE challenge that is rules light. For that reason, this one is for you!

p.s. PLEASE post pics of your sims, I love seeing them!

(This is MY background story idea but you are free to come up with your own if you like)

Jenna has never known what it was like to be on of THOSE people, you know, the ones on the OTHER side of the tracks. She has spent her live living in poverty with her mother. Her father abandoned them many years ago and rather than work to make a better future for her child, Jen's mother was the typical trailer trash you'd expect. She's been collecting welfare ever since Jen was 5. She's never held down an actual job unless you count occasionally tending bar at the local watering hole for tips and dumpster diving. To her mother, the party begins at about 7P and lasts until the wee hours of the morning at "da club". Having provided her daughter with a very meager life; however, doesn't stop her from blaming Jen for their misfortune. "If your daddy hadn't insisted on keeping you, we might have had something" or "I could have made a mint selling my babies if you hadn't fixed me for life on your way out". Jen was raised knowing one truth, she owed her mother a debt for having been born and her mother intended to collect.

This is a super easy setup. Choose a town you don't usually play in (where you aren't familiar with who the wealthy folks are in town). You will need a home with a value that does not exceed $12,000 that resembles a mobile home/trailer. Create an adult woman/man to serve as the mother/father and a teen or young adult female as their daughter. If you choose a teen, you will need a mod that allows for teen pregnancy like NRaas Woohooer. Set aging as follows: Infant (3 days), Toddler (7 days), Child (10 days), Teen (14 days), Young Adult (26 days), Adult (30 days), Elder (21 days). The reason why will be revealed later.
*NOTE: IF you are not starting as a teen, make the young adult time frame 35 days)

Starting Cash: 500 simoleons (use the familyfunds cheat to set that amount)

OBJECTIVE: You are the daughter in this scenario. With a few exceptions listed below, you will not be controlling the mother/father sharing your home. After years of verbal/mental abuse, your parent has convinced you the only way you will ever make something of yourself is being a surrogate mother. If the parent is a woman, she is physically incapable of having children. Ultimately, your goal is to make enough money selling your own children to move into a house worth at least 200,000. This must be accomplished BEFORE you reach full adulthood (you should have a total of 40 sim days regardless if you start as a teen or young adult). For an easier challenge, you can rewind your sims days at a particular life stage using mods.

Other than random money your parent brings in, you may only earn money by surrogacy. If you are trying to reach 200,000 in 40 days, you could easily have 10 births in that time which would net you a minimum of 100,000. Chances are, you will have more than 10 and make more than the base amount per pregnancy.

THE PARENT: Your character's mother/father is almost entirely on their own. You can intervene to save them from death but you cannot stop them from spending money, staying up all night, etc. Also, if they have a wish for an item (i.e. get a tattoo) you need to accept that wish and fulfill it as soon as possible. Their traits should make them into a materialistic club goer who is a lazy slob with no compunction about living off their child. You cannot direct them to do anything that will benefit you (earn money, clean, etc.). If they go dumpster diving of their own free will, you may sell or keep the items they find. Finally, every day at 7PM (or thereabouts) you must send them to the bar and order a round. Leave them at that point and let them do whatever they like and come home whenever they feel like it.

THE CHILD: The daughter (your character) is responsible for everything including paying the bills, cleaning the house, etc. Some helpful traits include neat and natural cook but her traits are totally up to you.


Step One: Finding Mr. Right -- I strongly recommend the Master Controller mod for this. If you have the mod, go under Household and Invite Over. Sort by males and age. I always chose adult or young adult males. Before the list comes up, I randomly chose a number and selected the man that correlated (i.e. if I chose #3, then the lucky guy was the third person on the list). Alternatively, you can just walk around and pick the first male you come across. You may be a surrogate once per man.

Step Two: The Deal -- Since this is a business deal, it would help to have the woohooer mod and set it so the liking gate is 0 for woohoo/try for baby, etc. That way the option is available to you immediately. If you have the option on your hospital, you can go the route of artificial insemination but that costs money that you will need to pay up front. Whichever way you choose, get your girl pregnant. You can set the Woohooer mod to allow for 100% chance on try for baby if you like.

Step Three: Baby A La Carte -- There is a flat rate of 10,000 simoleons for any pregnancy; however, sometimes the prospective parent(s) would like to see a certain outcome and are willing to tip if they get what they want. Use random.org or any other system of generating a number between 1 and 12 for the following. This must take place BEFORE birth.

Basic Rate: 10,000

1 - 6: Single
7 - 10: Twins (5,000)
11 - 12: Triplets (10,000)
This indicates what the parents would like to have. If you manage to produce what they'd like to have, then you get the bonus in parenthesis. If, for example, the parents would really like to have twins and you have triplets, they will not pay more for the 3rd child because they did not ask for it. You can keep the "extra" baby if you like or give it to them for free. You MAY listen to kids music to increase the chance of multiple births.

1 - 5: Male (2,500)
6 - 10: Female (2,500)
11 - 12: Heir (male only) (5,000)
If a parent wants twins, you would roll this twice, etc.
MOST parents will be happy with any gender but if you happen to provide them with the gender they prefer, they will tip you 2,500. That said, SOME are strictly looking for an heir (someone to continue the family name) and thus will only accept a son and will tip you 5,000; HOWEVER, if you have a girl, they will NOT take the baby from you and will find another surrogate (some people are jerks).
YOU MAY NOT DO ANYTHING TO INCREASE ODDS OF GENDER (i.e. eating apples, watermelons, etc.)

If the father is RICH, add a 5,000 tip to the total. You cannot look up who is rich in your town. The only way to know is to follow them back to their house (or at least that's what I did). If you do find a rich person, you may not have a child with any other males in his household unless you stumble on someone randomly.

If I roll a 7 on the quantity (twins) and a roll a 2 and 8 on the gender (one boy, one girl) and she ends up having a single girl, the payout would be as follows:
---10,000 (base rate)
---2,500 (for the girl gender roll)

This is something you set at the beginning of the challenge (if you choose to use this rule) to add difficulty. If your character is doing this against her will, then you may want to choose a higher percentage. If your character is more like her mother/father, then go with the lower.

* I'm fine with giving up my babies (1)
** I don't know how I feel (1-2)
*** I'm really struggling with this (1-3)

Before giving the baby(ies) to the new family, make a roll to see if your character has second thoughts about signing over her rights. If you are going with the moderate level (1-2) getting a 1 or 2 would mean she decides to keep the baby and loses out on all of the money. If you have multiples, either make the roll for each or one roll for all. The choice is yours but make it at the beginning of the challenge.

As you are able to afford better homes, you are free to move. You do not need to stay in the trailer until you can afford the 200,000 mansion.

(don't peek now)
OK once your character reaches adulthood, she discovers that she is no longer able to have children (no wonder, her poor uterus has been beat to death). Every child she has had up until this point is now with someone else and none of them know who she is! You MAY, if you want to continue the challenge, attempt to acquire all of your under aged children! If you don't want to do this, you can end the challenge here.

Step 1: It will cost you $10,000 simoleons in court charges PER CHILD to get them back.
You receive notice that your father has passed away and left you an inheritance of 30,000. Beyond that, you are free to use ANY means to earn money except cheating.

Step 2: Once you have 10,000, you must find your child. You should have story progression turned on which means people move around or may have left the neighborhood entirely. A good method might be stalking the school yard if the child is school age.

Step 3: Roll 1-12 on the following table:
1-3: You go to court and the other party wins. The original surrogate contract is deemed valid and you are prohibited from having further contact with the child.
4-6: The court shows you a smidge of mercy when you explain your life circumstances and you are given visitation rights. You can call up the child and invite them over/out or for babies, you can come to the parents home and visit.
7-9: You are awarded custody of the child BUT the father has visitation rights so you must take the child to their home for visits or invite them over.
10-12: Turns out the parents are deemed unfit and you get sole custody.

If you fail in court (anything from a 1 - 6) you can choose to stalk to the kid and kidnap them (add to household). However, every time you do this you will need to move to a different home and use the home schooling mod if you have it.

Feel free to modify any of this to suit your liking.
I hope you enjoy! Please post pictures of your sims!
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#2 Old 14th Apr 2018 at 8:15 PM
I'm gonna play this, but put my little twist on it. I'll update later.

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#3 Old 18th May 2018 at 5:14 AM
This is cool! I'll try this when I have free time
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#4 Old 21st Mar 2022 at 12:07 PM
I have been playing this on Sims 4 and just realized you made it for S3 lol! Made my own, more happy family, based storyline and added some extras you can do with mods but the base of this is solid, thank you! Haven't gotten to the adult part yet but looking forward to it!
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#5 Old 26th Mar 2023 at 11:17 AM
Quote: Originally posted by Alyssa4Life
I'm gonna play this, but put my little twist on it. I'll update later.

I know this is a ghost thread but I am just about to have a go at this challenge, would love to know what your twist was.
(apologies to the mods if posting here was not acceptable)
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