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Default TS2 Food
These are the rubrics that MTS staff use for evaluating TS2 Body Shop content shared here. The corresponding guidelines may be found here: MTS Creator Guidelines: TS2 Body Shop

Note to moderators: This first post (the summary) must be maintained manually. If you delete or add a rubric item or reorder anything, please edit this first post. All edits to Common Rubrics requiring editing its summary must be manually updated on every single individual rubric thread. Please copy the # link to use in the summaries, not the post number, to view the individual post.
1. Textures - Clarity [COLOR=Red]Crisp, Unpixellated Textures[/COLOR]
2. Textures - Brightness [COLOR=Red]Color Intensity[/COLOR]
3. Textures - Black and white [COLOR=Red]Black and White Intensity[/COLOR]
4. Textures - Highlights and shadows
[COLOR=Red]Highlights and shadows[/COLOR]
5. Textures - Details [COLOR=Red]Not sure this needed [/COLOR]


8. **Meshes - Polygon count [COLOR=Red]Polygon Count[/COLOR]

10. **Meshes - UV Map [COLOR=Red]UVMapping[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Unique GUID

Mesh required[/COLOR]

1. Correct files
50. (From common rubrics) Rar, zip, 7z

1. (From common rubrics) Title [COLOR=Red]Title[/COLOR]
2. (From common rubrics) Description [COLOR=Red]Description

Resource Credits[/COLOR]

3. Required info
[COLOR=Red]Proposed addition: Required information - a requirement to say what sort of food it is (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert) and, thus when it can be cooked. Plus cooking skill level required - I think this goes in the guidelines
Also Additional (preparation stages, what sort of cutlery used)[/COLOR]

4. Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs required Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs required
5. Search Parameters and Upload Type

[COLOR=Red]Special Instructions?
Post Presentation

1. Show everything
2. **Multiple angles
3. **Meshes - Show morphs
4. **Skintones - Ages, Genders, Colours
5. **Skintones - Censored
7. Uncovered
50. (From common rubrics) Size
51. (From common rubrics) Lighting
52. (From common rubrics) Clarity
53. (From common rubrics) Distance
54. (From common rubrics) Distortion
55. (From common rubrics) Photoshopping
56. (From common rubrics) Attached
57. (From common rubrics) Show all items
58. (From common rubrics) Inline images
59. (From common rubrics) In-game

[COLOR=Red]Required screenies: a picture of the dish cooked; a picture of the serving: a picture of the preparation - again I think this is in the Creator Guidelines[/COLOR]

1. (From common rubrics) Pay or pirated content
2. (From common rubrics) Adult content
3. (From common rubrics) Content we do not allow
4. (From common rubrics) Credits


Note: These are the only rubric items that can be rejected for on their own, with no other rubric items selected at all.

1. (From common rubrics) Uploader requested
2. (From common rubrics) Stolen content
3. (From common rubrics) Other
4. (From common rubrics) Duplicate
5. (From common rubrics) Uploads in Sets
6. (From common rubrics) Not Completed Requested Changes
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