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Supernatural’s Mother Challenge
Supernatural’s Mother Challenge

The world had spent years destroying the Occults’ way of life, it was only recently has they been accepted, nonetheless there is still many who disagree with such creatures being alive. However one desires to stop this mindset.

A professor wishes to have his new experiment- supernatural creatures being watched grow as children to truly understand the living beings. He asks his spouse to help him on his task, and with no children of her own, she agrees. She chose to take on this new trial her husband chose for her- to birth and raise every subspecies of Super naturals.

In short
The husband wants to raise every type of supernatural to see how they are while maturing and growing, asking his spouse to take on the task.


One EA pack that provides supernatural beings, if you cannot get them all, do the ones you can do- obviously.
Nraas Mastercontrol
Nraas Whoohoo
Mod to allow female impregnation from alien abduction
Nraas mover mod to go to other towns to find other Occult Sims

1) The Scientist, this man is almost the founder of the challenge. He will be helping the wife contain the supernatural, but not raising them. He needs two traits related to Knowledge or things to that theme, and also must have a Life Time Wish that is also related to Science. He cannot cook, clean, or raise the children unless it is affection (Hugs, cuddle- things of that nature) either gender is allowed, but I refer to him as a man since that’s how I did it.

2) The Wife, for my story, I chose her to be a little native and dumb, but you can have her any way you see fit. But she needs one trait to make her want to do this, Family Ordinated, Supernatural Fan, or the Life Time Wish surrounded by family. Or in her backstory, usually required to be female.

This can be story driven; it is up to you how the characters are. Is the scientist famous and known for breakthroughs- or is he trying to get his feet off the ground?

The goal is to raise every Occult sim type with a childhood or younger state (No robots, zombies or mummies) she cannot adopt, since this runs a chance of a human child and the Science wants a Occult child from birth to adulthood, this means- she will have each baby.
Now this is where Nraas Whoohoo comes into play, to lower jealousy since if he’s mad at you every time you have children, the challenge can get harder since her and his mood will always be low for the negative moodlets.
Doing this, there is a high chance of having human children, there are mods to help with this, but you can only go up to 60% chance for supernatural offspring, you must care and love the human children as you do the others.
The occult types you must bare:
Genie (Optional)
Five types of children you must raise to adulthood to beat the challenge (and one if you feel up to it). I’d suggest towns with Occult Sims either custom or not, or to have her go on ‘vacations’ to other towns using Nraas to meet Occult Sims to get impregnated by.

The husband, for story purposes, must write and finish a book of his ‘research’, this is the goal of the spouses.

How to fail
Unlike the hundred baby challenge, you fail if your wife becomes an elder without each type of child.
The husband can be elder, but cannot die before the challenge is over, you are doing this for his study, without him, there is no reason.
If the social worker comes then you of course fail.

She cannot have a job, she will be spending her time trying to get pregnant or raising children

The scientist may have a job; in fact his Life Time Wish depends on him getting the Scientist career. You may use TestingCheats to raise his job level as you please, but note not to put it up where his lifetime wish is instantly since the game won’t let his Wish be completed this way, a level lower is suggested if you wish to have a famous Scientist character, as long as he is in the Science career you are following the rules.

The Occult children must be doing well in school; the Scientist wants to show they can be like any other human while also seeing how they tick.

The human children must live with the mother until they are young adults, you may put them in boarding school, but only three are allowed in boarding school at a time.

The Occult children are not allowed in boarding school

All Occult children must learn toddler skills

The wife is allowed to make money outside of work (Writing, painting, etc)

The husband may start his book of ‘research’ after the first Occult child is in their toddler stage.

The challenge I think can be easy, if you get the right town and know how to have each child, I chose to have Genie optional since, for me, I found it a bit difficult to get a Genie child.
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3rd Sep 2017 at 7:00 AM
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I know this hasn't been replied to in a while, but I just wanted to say I may have added somethings to the challenge. But it sounds really fun. Because I have a lot of the packs I decided to add in more factors to the gameplay. If anyone cares to know, here you are:

So, I still have the husband being a scientist as per the rules, but I added in him being an alchemist because I thought it added to my "mad scientist' appeal. The reason I made him an alchemist is that he wants to not only research the occults, but he also wants to be them. It's his fatal flaw, being too focused on work. So for every occult that alchemy can turn your sim into, he will be turning into to impregnate his wife, and then turning back as quickly as possible so no one can notice. Beware the full moon!

The occults alchemy can turn you into : Vampire, Witch, Genie, Fairy, Werewolf. The Potent Cure Elixer turns occult sims back into humans. This would also be helpful because you need the gardening skill as a scientist and he would want to know all about those supernatural plants, and creatures, as well as what effects they have on the body. The other occult types mummy and so on I will not do as per the rules. But since I have some other packs I am including these:

Mermaids and Imaginary Friends. I will travel to Isla Paridiso for Mermaids, and get the imaginary friend through one of the children.

For the husband's requirements; to make it even HARDER on myself, I have decided that he is going to write one non-fiction book after the birth of each supernatural child, and once they are all born he will write one, larger book detailing all of his research to go along with the story line. This seems like a taxing headache that I will openly welcome, and if anyone wants to try my notified version your welcome to it.

Thank you, creator!

All the packs I will be using, and what for:

Showtime - Genie
Generations - Imaginary Friend
Supernatural - Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Fairy and the Alchemy skill
Island Paradise - Mermaids
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Wow! That's a wonderful addition to my challenge, very cool, I wish I had thought of them haha. I hope this goes well for you!
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I just came across this challenge, and decided I like it. I am going to be playing it with a twist though, which I thought up since I just started a game this last week with a teen vampire, using PuddingFace's Enhanced Vampires.

Ambrosia Cassian (don't judge me!) grew up in the sheltered supernatural community of Mystic Falls. When she finished high school, she headed off to University, with dreams of becoming an award winning journalist. As she started meeting new and interesting people, she naively confessed to everyone she met that she was a vampire, and they all rejected her.

She has decided that she will show the world the value of supernaturals, and get revenge on the humans that humiliated her, too. She will use her vampire powers (from Enhanced Vampires) to mind control a human scientist into moving in with her and marrying a naive and innocent young woman, and use her mystical powers to run the experiment, all the while writing articles about the progress. With her powers, she can smooth over any relationship bumps that occur with the unfortunate couple, and can help "encourage" any reluctant participants to help the young mother become pregnant with their child.

My saved game is named "Occultery"
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