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Default TSM Robber Challenge
I have been playing the Sims medieval for a while and I thought of this cool challenge. This is my first challenge so I appreciate any constructive criticism.

STORY: You are a Thief, mistreated and cast aside by society you plan on getting rich and overthrowing your current ruler. Your mission is to get as rich and powerfull as possible by stealing, bribing or eliminating your enemies.

RULES: Cheats are not allowed with the exception of using them to fill your needs bar (You don't have to use that cheat either)

You may use any class available excluding Noble, I recommend using Knight or Spy.

When you finish the tutorial, use the RP Points to build the building of the class you want to play as.

You may use cheats to refresh quests if there are no available quests for the class you want to use.

You may make up your own rules if you want, mine may not be the best so feel free to fix anything or tell me if there is an error. I hope every one enjoys this challenge. :D
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I'm not sure how this challenge can be very difficult to achieve, even if no one uses a cheat whatsoever. I think this because if I understand you correctly, the idea is to play a hero sim character of the players choosing constantly, and keep refreshing the quests if ones including the players' sim choice run out, so they can continue to play quests using this chosen hero sim. So if the player plays only this particular chosen hero sim, never plays the "evil" monarch, or any other kingdom loving hero sim, the monarch, and other hero sims' environments, and livelihoods will suffer. And, when it may become necessary for the player to play a quest which involves or is led by the ever-hated monarch, or kingdom loving hero sim, it does not seem likely that the player would have the "evil" monarch perform to his/her best ability on behalf of the kingdom, and its citizens. For the best chances, and quickest way to overthrowing the monarch would be for the player to insure that their respos, and other duties are shirked. Treat other sims badly, etc.
Your idea is a good one based in story-line, but considering the manner in which TSMP&N is designed for game play, the objective is too easily accomplished, I'm sorry to say.
A possibly better, more challenging objective may be to hunt down and capture thieves in the kingdom, which in regular game play has proven quite distinctly to be a practical impossibility! However, it can be done. I have caught 3 in my years of playing since 2011. Yes, I mean the thieves who rip off a hero sims paintings, shields from the wall. My 3 thieves do not include the food thieves, by the way, as they are constant and every day, yet I treat them exactly like I did the 3, near un-catchable, and never seen in the act thieves. A quick death with a slow sword.
Perhaps your challenge may improve with a bit more direction, and perhaps more detailed rules?
I do love your idea, and thank you wholeheartedly for taking special time to consider other players of TSMP&N for your challenge.

Bless, Xeny

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I see what your saying, and I just played it myself now and it is quite easy and gets boring pretty quickly. I'll try to make better challenges in the future that are not as tedious. Thx for the feedback.
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