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Default Through the Times~
A lot of challenges, especially city-building/apocalypse ones, kind of have the same flavor. "To unlock this building, you must max out these skills", etc.

I really love world-building legacies, but maxing out skills is kind of hard, and it just gets tedious, too. So, basically, I created a basic little challenge of my own, but where each building has multiple ways of being unlocked, in order to give us all a lil' variety!


Story Synopsis: Head back in time to the days of cowboys & trains (lol). It's the 1800's, and your little man-Sim has stumbled across a nice flat area, perfect for buildin' a new town.

Your cool cowboy, his burly wife, and 2 other households (more on them later), saddle up their few belongings and build new humble homes in this new place. Together, they're going to breed- er, build- a town!

Play your family over the generations, each new generation bringing with them new technology and community buildings. Work your way up from a teeny western town to a bustling modern city, or even a futuristic one if you have the Into the Future expansion!


How to Start:
(Story Progression must be on! Even better if you have nraas' StoryProgression mod!!)

1. Find yourself an empty world of your choosing, or empty one out yourself.

2. Your new world needs just 3 residential lots: One for your sim, and two for the other 2 households that will help populate the town.

3. Create your young adult Main Sims (the man and his wife). (Same-sex couples are fine too; there's no rules here about heirs being adopted.) I would suggest giving your sims "survival" traits, such as Green Thumb, Handy, etc., but if you'd like a real challenge, you can give them just mediocre traits lol.

4. Create two new households. Each household should contain two young adult couples (so 8 other sims, + your Main Sims, = 10 sims total). You can totally randomize these side-character sims; in fact- I recommend it. Makes it more interesting!

5. Build houses for all of your sims. Make sure all the sims can afford to move in- no using the "freerealestate" cheat!! Keep in mind the time period- no electricity or indoor plumbing! (Erm... because of game limitations, this may be unavoidable for a lot of us, so... basically, just try your best to create homes that seem Western-y lolol.) No TV's, computers, or any sort of modern technology. Since you can't delete your sims' phones, just avoid using them for now.

6. More on the houses: Like I said, remember the setting. You should basically be building them shacks and small farm-like buildings. Part of the fun is being in charge of building all the homes that will over time populate your city. Every generation, you'll get to build more homes, and each time, you'll build them to be a little more "modern". Just go with the flow, pretending that time is slowly passing by!!

7. In the beginning, there will only be the 3 residential lots, so to start a garden, you'll have to zoom in around the world and find seeds for your sims to pick up! You may also pick up rocks/gems/bugs/animals/etc and sell them! (No making a community garden just yet; gotta do this the old-fashioned way!)

GAME GOAL: "Unlock" buildings and technologies using the guidelines below, while slowly building up your town. In the beginning it will be pathetic and barren, but by the end it will be a thriving modern city that you totally built yourself!!

BONUS GOAL #1: Have one of your main sim's heirs become mayor!

BONUS GOAL #2: Slowly have your main sim's heirs buy out town properties, so that the whole city is eventually owned by the distant generations of your starter family!



In the beginning, you control both your founding sims. You're going to want to get them started on growing a garden & fishing and all that fun stuff. (If you have pets, you can incorporate them all you like; just keep in mind you have to unlock things like the dog park and equestrian center, which may take a generation or two depending on your priorities.)

You want to populate the town as much as you can, so you're going to want to start makin' babies or adopting asap. As in most challenges, you can only choose ONE heir to be your main sim. However, you can choose their traits as you see fit, and feel free to have LOTS of kids so you have lots to choose from!

When your heir reaches TEEN YEARS, your old generation is done, and a new one is started. They can stay in the house, and you can control them when needed, but your focus should shift mainly to your new heir. From here on out, any challenges the "old" generation completes will not be counted towards helping them unlock new buildings. It is now up to your new heir to start unlocking buildings.

Your heir is allowed to unlock as many buildings/complete as many challenges as they're able, until the next heir reaches TEEN.

Unlockable buildings are grouped based on what generation your current heir is. This is because you're simulating time periods, so obviously your 1st generation 1800's sim family isn't gonna be makin' any trips to the Laundromat or Dance Club. Heirs can work on unlocking any buildings so long as the building is grouped in either their own generation, or a past one. In other words, your Generation 5 Heir can unlock buildings from Generations 1-5, but not 6 or higher.


The following are the lots you should eventually have in your town, & the various ways to unlock them! (Choose ONE way from each list, or for an extra challenge, try to achieve ALL the suggestions in order to unlock the building!)

By the way...
Create a New Residential Lot When:
-all current households are full
-you "unlock" a new building
-you've been playing a while and feel like your town's population just isn't growing fast enough for your liking lol

It is the early 1800's. Absolutely no technology is allowed. Houses built during this generation should be tiny with very little furnishings. For plumbing- your house may contain 1 toilet, 1 sink, and 1 tub. No cooking allowed (no stoves). Your founding sims will mainly fish, grow crops, and perhaps hunt for rocks and gems to sell. There is no self-employment available (requires City Hall), so you must simply sell items through your inventory to make some income.

-Your sim maintains a large garden (12+ plants).

-Your town has a population of 15+ people.
-There have been 2+ births in your household.

Parks/Playgrounds, & Beaches:
-For every 10 households that exist, you may add ONE park/playground OR beach. (This does NOT include Festival Grounds, which must be unlocked separately.)

It is the mid-late 1800's. Any houses built should still be small and sparsely furnished. The second generation will live a similar lifestyle to the first's. Your founder's house (and any pre-existing houses) can be made a little bigger, if you can afford it.

City Hall:
-Your sim has a Charisma Skill of 5+.
-Your town has a population of 20+ sims. (Pets not included in census.)

-When both of your founder sims die (their graves should be placed next to each other).

Equestrian Regional Training Grounds:
-Your sim owns a horse.

Equestrian Center:
-Your sim owns a horse and has a Riding Skill level of 4+, while the horse has at least a Racing and Jumping skills level of 2.

It is the very early 1900's. The radio has been invented- feel free to buy one! Also exciting news- so have automobiles! But your family can't have one yet; way too expensive, and the roads around you aren't paved for them. Any houses built are starting to have a few more luxuries in them... stoves, comfy sofas, fireplaces, and even some decor. Feel free to update any preexisting ones, too!

Art Gallery:
-Your sim must paint 5 large Still-Life paintings & keep them to be hung in the gallery.
-Your sim must have made $5000 from selling their paintings.
-Your sim must have BOTH the Artistic and Avant Garde traits.

-Your sim must have written 1 book.
-Your sim must have a skill level of 3+ in at least 5 different skills.

Consignment Store:
-Your sim is self-employed and sells things for a living (paintings, inventions, books, etc).
-Your sim has a Level 2 Visa & has decorated their house with at least 3 relics.

-Your sim household has less than $3000 in their bank.
-Your sim is obese.
(Disclaimer: These particular challenges are not intended to be offensive; just part of the gameplay.)

Festival Grounds:
-Your sim is Leader of the Free World (level 10 Political Career).
-Your town has a population of 50+ people.

Fire Station:
-There must have been at least 1 fire in your household.
-One of your heirs has requested their lifetime wish to be a "Firefighter Super Hero".

-Your town has a population of 25+ people.
-There are at least 4 children in your household at once (any ages).
(Note: This does NOT unlock University!!)

-Your sim has either the Ambitious or Genius trait, AND the town's School has already been unlocked.

It is the mid 1900's. Your household can now own a vehicle! You can also now use your cellphones, but ONLY to make regular calls (no using any other feature! pretend they're house phones). Houses can also finally have electric lights, yay! Oh, and another big thing- TELEVISIONS!! Your household may now buy the cheapest TV set. Neat! One more thing... inventions are being created left and right, so now would be a great time to buy a workbench, collect scrap, and start inventing!

Abandoned Warehouse:
-Your sim has the evil or mean-spirited trait.
-Your house has been robbed.

-Your sim must learn every (base game) recipe.
-Your sim must host a party and provide at least 8 different group meal dishes for it.

Cat Jungle:
-Your sim must befriend at least 3 stray cats.
-Your sim must make $1000 selling objects their cat has caught for them.

Dog Park:
-Your sim must befriend at least 3 stray dogs.
-Your sim must make $1000 selling objects their dog has "sniffed out" for them.

Dive Bar:
-Your sim owns a bar at home and has a Mixology Skill of 3+.
-Your sim has 2 enemies (and can brawl with them at the dive bar lol).

Film Studio:
-Your sim must have at least TWO of the following traits: Star Quality, Ambitious, Social Butterfly, Natural Born Performer, Charismatic, Diva, Dramatic, Neurotic.

-One of your sim's appliances/plumbing items (stove, toilet, etc) has been used so much that it has the "Replace for $" option whenever you click on it.
-Your sim asks for their lifetime wish to be "Descendant of Da Vinci", "Monster Maker", or you would simply like them to be self-employed inventors.

-Your sim has a skill level of 6+ in at least three different skills.
-Your sim receives royalties for 5 books that they've written (any genre).
-Your sim has TWO (or more) of the following traits: Bookworm, Genius, Couch Potato, Shy, Brooding, Loner, Proper, Technophobe.

Military Base:
-Your sim must have an Athletic Skill level of 5+ AND have either the Brave or Disciplined trait.
-Your sim wants their lifetime wish to be Become an Astronaut.

-Your house has been robbed twice.
-Your sim has had a brawl (physical fight) with an enemy.
-Your sim wants their lifetime wish to be International Super Spy.

-Your sim has at least TWO of the following traits: Artistic, Avant Garde, Virtuoso, Dramatic, Over-Emotional.
-Your town has a population of 35+ people.

It is the late 1900's (think 1970's-90's). Houses are now full of decor. Everybody owns a TV, a radio, and a car. People have washers and dryers, coffee makers, microwaves... lots of cool stuff!! Any houses built should look like real homes; multiple bedrooms, funky colors, and just all kinds of amazing things inside them. Bathrooms have been updated; feel free to buy those more expensive showers and toilets and sinks. Ah... life is getting easier. Oh, but remember- no cell phones yet! So your sim's cell phone is still only allowed to make calls.

-Your sim must have nerd influence and have at least ONE of the following traits: Childish, Absent-Minded, Socially Awkward.

Dance Club:
-Your sim has learned at least 4 songs on one instrument.
-Your sim has hosted 3 parties with reasonably good ratings.

-Your sim has reached an Athletic Skill of 5+.
-Your sim has at least TWO athletic-type traits (Athletic, Disciplined, Brave, and Loves the Outdoors, are all acceptable.)

-Your town has a population of 30+ people.
-Your sim has 3 casual outfits in their closet.

Office Building:
-Your sim wants their lifetime wish to be Star News Anchor.
-Your town has a population of 50+ people.

-Your sim has at some point wished to go swimming (even in the ocean).
-Your sim has wished to host a pool party.

Science Lab:
-Your sim must have at least 3 upgraded appliances (stoves, toilets, showers, etc) in their house at once.
-Your sim must have had at least one wish where they want to build a Simbot, or invent something, AND have the Eccentric trait.

-Your sim wants their lifetime wish to be Become a Superstar Athlete.
-Your town has a population of 50+ people.

It's the 2000's!! Consider it basically modern-day at last. Cell phones, computers, all the technology you know and love today.

Live Show Venue:
-Your town has a population of 60+ people.
-Your sim has an interest in becoming a singer/acrobat/magician.

-Your sim is a 3+ star celebrity.
-Your sim household has at least $50,000 in their bank.

-Your sim has TWO (or more) of the following traits: Artistic, Neat, Social Butterfly, Snob, Diva, Irresistible, Perfectionist.
-Your sim wants their lifetime wish to be Fashion Phenomenon.

-Your town has a population of 75+ people.
-Your sim has either of the following traits: Snob, Proper.

If you have the Into the Future expansion pack, you can now use any of those buildings, too! Make up your own challenges to unlock them if you like, or simply travel to the future and live there.

-I'm currently missing 2 expansion packs (Island Paradise & Supernatural), so community lots from these two EPs are not on the above list. I'll leave it up to you to decide what challenge(s) you should have to complete to unlock those buildings, as well as any other misc. buildings you'd like to build.


Sooo yeah~ sail through the times starting from the 1800's up until modern day (or the future)! Change whatever rule/challenge/etc you need to in order to make the game fun and work for you. Avoid cheats though~ makes it boring. Apologies that there's not more specifics or points or anything to this challenge; I was just trying to give us all something a little different to play If anyone plays this please let me know how it is! I'm currently at generation 3 and I'll admit the first 2 generations are kind of... slow lol. So like I said, change things as you see fit. Thank you for reading!
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