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Default Matchmaker name fix
This WCIF nudged me to try and finish my earlier attempt and guess what I'm still stuck.

@kestrellyn, thank you very much for the chance card info! It's been added to the file. You asked about other instances? In addition to the Love Potion catalog description, there were a few vampire wants/fears with some Text Lists about buying Vamprocillin-D from the matchmaker...

...but this is where I'm stumped Simply editing the EP2 Dating/Outing Dialogs STR doesn't fix it and I can't find any other resources that reference it.
I have a very faint memory of @Chris Hatch stating something like this (UI?) just can't be edited? I might be half-remembering something else though. (Hi Chris!)

Here's the file if anyone is interested - any help is appreciated, thank you!
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Well, a lot of those aren't going to have any effect because they have group 0xFFFFFFFF. They need to have the group numbers of the original resources in order to replace those resources.
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It is in the file named Live.package in \TSData\Res\Text\, instance 0x000000D4 named 'EP2 Dating/Outing Dialogs'. Overriding those texts is a little tricky as they all have a group of 0xFFFFFFFF. To make an override you need to extract the Text List, import it into a new package and change the group to suit the original file name which in this case is LIVE which translates to group 0x7F96C284. To get that value open or create a new Name Reference and Type the name (Live) into the Filename: box and the Group: box will give you the value.

The file attached here should do the trick.
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@kestrellyn, I appreciate you taking the time to open the file and reply! Thank you.
@Chris Hatch, thank you for the perfect file, of course it does the trick.

About finding the Groups for the Vamprocillin-D wants/fears...
I had already extracted the Text Lists from \TSData\Res\Text\Wants but like you both said, they all have a group of 0xFFFFFFFF.

I think I'm close but they still have the original text when I check in-game. I'm sorry I'm just not getting it
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I think you need "Wants" instead of "WANTS".

Chris Hatch, does the group name filled in for 0xFFFFFFFF depend on the name of the file for a standalone object mod, or on the NREF resource? I've wondered if there's a standard I should be following for naming the NREF but so far everything I've made has seemingly worked fine.
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