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Default Creating Eaves for Shed Gabled Roofs
This short tutorial will demonstrate how to easily create eaves for the upper part of what the game calls Shed Gabled Roofs, also known as Lean-To Roofs.

The game constructs the Shed Gabled Roofs like this:

These look ugly, because there is no eave, or overhang, at all on the high end of the roof.

Preferably, and in most real-life building situations, the roof should look like this:

This eave might have a little too much overhang, but it's what we'll end up with and it's better than no eave at all for most situations, in my opinion. It is easy to accomplish, by simply doing the following:

Add a row of floor tiles as shown in the picture:

Without removing the first roof and using the same roof pitch angle, pull another Shed Gabled Roof over it, including the new floor tiles. It will now look like this:

Now simply delete the new walls that were created by the second roof, as well as the floor tiles:

What you're left with is a Shed Gabled Roof with a nice eave:

And that's it.
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