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Default Having trouble with s3oc
I did post in someone else's thread about S3OC not starting but I don't see it anymore. It pretty much said you need net framework 4 and I stated that I was able to get S3PE working and I merge packages with it. S3PE requirements include net framework 4 so I believe I have that. I downloaded s3oc_17-0520-1824 auto install version and installed it. When I click on it it flashes S3OC starting but disappears and no other window opens up.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I want to be able to make custom objects, clothes, accessories, poses, and animations. I see people use TSR Workshop for object creation is it reliant upon S3OC cloned objects in case I am unable to get S3OC to work?
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How long are you waiting for it to load? It does take a little while. (Although if you are waiting a few minutes longer than it takes your game to load, you should be seeing something by now.)

But tsr workshop is stand-alone. You can use it without having to clone an object with S3OC first.

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@Ghost sdoj Thank you for your reply. No matter how long I wait S3OC never opens so I guess I will be using TSR Workhop instead. I was fearful that if I used TSRW without cloning object first that I might lose in game object, but if that has cloning function within it all is well.
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Apologies for posting in such an old thread, but just in case anyone else ends up here by googling "s3oc crash" or similar: in my case the problem was caused by a missing / invalid `GameFolders.xml` file. Appearantly this file has to exist in the `s3oc` root folder, but isn't automatically created by the installer? It can be downloaded here.
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