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Default [Tutorial] First steps in Sims 3 Script Modding: Setting up SharpDevelop
This Tutorial provides the instructions for the first steps into Sims 3 Script modding using the free IDE SharpDevelop

Hint: If you want to use Microsofts Visual Studio instead use this great Tutorial

But first: Why choose SharpDevelop ?

You can Grab SharpDevelop 5 directly form here or On the Projects Homepage

Hint: If you dont have already, get the Sims 3 Package Editor (S3PE) which is used for most Sims 3 modding
Hint: You may want to get an IL-Decompiler i recommend ILSPY which is seems to be from the same developers ?

Step 1: Create a New Project

After installing SharpDevelop and starting the Program, Select File->New->Solution
Click on C# in the Categories Window.
Select Class Library and choose .Net Framework 2.0
Type in a Name for your Project in the Name Field and click Create.

Step 2: Remove all existing references

Now Expand your Projects Tree-View by clicking the “+” and Expand References.
Right click each entry in References and select Remove.

Step 3: Add the References to the requiered DLL files

Right click on References and select Add Reference
Select the .Net Assembly Browser tab and click Browse…

Select all the base dll-Files for your Project click open and then OK
System.Xml.dll ,

You can get these Files here if you dont want to extract them yourself though the names are slightly different
You may add other custom dlls in the same way now or later.
Hint: You can right click every referenced dll, select Properties and set Local Copy to False if you dont want the dll files copied to your Project (the dlls will still be referenced)

Step 4: Modify the assembly info

Select AssemblyInfo.cs under Properties expand the first line by clicking the “+” next to Using directives and add “using Sims3.SimIFace;” like in the picture below that also add “[assembly: Tunable]”
Your Window should now look something like that

Step 5: Disable Referencing of the mscorlib.dll for your Project

On the Menu Strip Select Project and choose Project Options

Go to the Compiling Tab and make sure Do not reference mscorelib.dll is checked.
Under Advanced select 32-bit Intel-compatible processor.

Hint: Optimize Code is useful aswell

Step 6: Ready To Code

Save Your Project, which is now ready to be used for Sims 3 Coding

Hint: If you are unfamiliar with Sims 3 Script modding this is a great Follow up.
You can start at "The Actual Script"
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I honestly don't know how I missed this but this is amazing for new creators!

In case people are wondering how to extract the references from their games, you actually want to check the follow up Battery mentioned (
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