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Default Back to Bridgeport (again)
Hello everyone here,

It has been a while since I posted anything since I got quite bussy with real live.

Now working at home with the Corona Virus, I got back to the Sims 3, Played Bridgeport and remembered how much I hated the emptyness of that city...

So I got back into my CAW files and found my Bridgeport redo.
One of the most heard remarks was that there was to much CC in it so I started the buildings fresh.

My idea now is to start a tread with the grey shells, meaning the city would have NO cc and upload completed lots (maybe with help from other builders)
in the tread..
With the world now empty except for the shells, I would Like to know what people think before I even post it.
Is there even a need for a world like this?

Basicly it still is Bridegport but with some added areas like:

- An additional island (with manor and port)
- A small "village"under the expensive mansions near the lake, with a more towny feel.
- An destinct area for the "Castle Simms" an expansive mansion covering 8 lots.
- Bigger lots in the city that connect more to provide a more city feel while keeping the lotcount under 150.

The city will be devided into

(around central Park) with a hotel, some boutiques, the university, ofcourse several lots inside the park.
Also the cityhall and the police station will be here.

a lot of highrises where we will have offices clubs and bars ,

A simlish chinatown with the matching lots.

The Hills,
Of coursea lush area where the mansions are and some of them are inspired on famous mansions.

The Village under the Hills, cafe's the marina, a casino and some charming apartments.

Industrial area
This will have some old industrial buildings with lofts, clubs and hightech companies and the junkyard etc.

Sports zone,
with stadium, sports bar etc.

The Projects, cheap housing and a more grungy feel.

I am planning to Hide the rabitholes under custom build houses, keeping the city "rabithole free" with an elevator connecting to the rabithole.
Also the subways are hidden downstairs. to make it all look and feel just right.

Each part of the city will get its own lightingposts and own tree's (in the grates) to give them their own face and I intend to have all clubs, bars and comercial lots included.

Here are some pictures showing the altered world and the skyline/ global layout.

What do you guys think?

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I think this looks like a neat idea.
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Originally Posted by fascisthater
I think this looks like a neat idea.

Thanks, I will check the world out a little and make sure all streets are named and numbered,
I could add the area's on a map, maybe color them to show where they are in Bridgeport?

Where do you think I could find people to help decorate the lots inside?
Any help would be apreciated

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Wow! I never thought I would see this world come back, I mean, Newport, one of the best custom worlds I have seen, I downloaded it within the versions, and customize it a bit, if you keep reading this, and you want some help, feel free to count on me!
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Hope you still keep the palace area. You have done such a beautiful job on the palace!!
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Sorry I have not been in for a while, Real live needed my atention.
I am still working on the world, I brought the lot count down (again) and flattened some lots as well.
Also, I added some lots to be empty shells to make the game even smoother. I hope to figure out how to make them more like NPC-lots or maybe leave them as is (no visitors allowed commercial) keeping them empty (no interior walls etc) makes the game much lighter as well.
Also I was using some CC and toned that down a little.. It is not dead, it just takes ages

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Always like seeing screenshots of this rebuild - in terms of layout it's got some similarities to the full-scale Bridgeport I've been sort of planning out over the years. Gives the place a scent of realism

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It looks more like a city and I would have no problem with some being just deco like buildings, it gives it the look it needs without weighing it down. If I get mycomputer soon I love decorating but I am not sure how soon that will be.
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Newport is honestly my fave world to play in. You did such an amazing job with the map improvements. I really enjoy the idea of you making further tweaks and now just having shells in the world. More people will def be able to play in this world. And again, Newport is seriously one of the best out there. Thanks so much for your work.
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it really bugged me that Bridgeport was supposed to be this big city, yet felt empty and underdeveloped. this makes it much more like a real developed city, all it needs now are 100 odd sims to make it lively
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#11 Old 23rd Sep 2021 at 11:05 AM
Any updates? Would love to see the progress
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