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Default Challenge: The Celtic Druid! ( The Gods are Watching Series, P1! ) ( P2, ROME; COMING SOON! )
A Druid Elder man, worn through, trudges through the Forest Snow alone with a 

Celtic Battle Axe. ( cc from Murfeel ) 

He reaches for the Runes in his green sachet; old and worn smooth, his face grey, head and 

beard silver, with a WolfSkin Fur Coat, he is alone and a loner with Wisdom of Ages. 

He must live off the Land of every season, Hunting for Fur and Meat, Fishing for Fish, The Wisest Elder in the Village. 


The Gods are Watching.

And So, It Begins…


1 Build Stone House with Hexagon Roof; No Windows, and a Dirt Floor to Plant Crops, and a Campfire & University Bonfire Inside.

(Create the house, delete a wall, add in garden, bonfire, cooking fires, any cool Celtic/Witchy Finds, then put the wall back, Recolor: Now you have an Indoor Garden and Cooking Fire, and a larger Bonfire for Warmth at Night!)

2 Master All Spells, 10/10 Spell Skill,

3 Live off the Forest Land For Four Sim Years, ( Get 'No More Bills' Reward! )

4 Create a New Village! ( Add in Other Young Male Druids; an All Male Camp! Druids were ALL Male; just as The Goddess Diana's
( Goddess of The Moon, Women, & Hunting ) Followers were strictly an All Female Court/Coven )

5 Collect CC Skulls, Horns, Celtic Vibes!

6 Create an Alter; Druids Worshiped the Magick of Nature, Trees and the Stars!

Spring: Hunt, Fish, Forage, Collect, Garden.

Summer: Same as Above.

Fall: Store for Winter.

Winter: Hibernate. 

Add New Druid Members; A Rival Camp has settled down for the Night; The Ancient Romans who bought Druids for Slaves in Rome!

( Stay Safe, Warriors! )

Recommended World: Dragon Valley!

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