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Default S3 to S4 Conversion Tutorial Questions
Hey, a couple quick questions for any CC creators. I'm trying to follow this tutorial

1. I'm just wondering what the cut numbers mean, exactly? My old mesh appears to have 2 parts--I'm working with a bed, and it looks to be made up of frame + mattress/blankets. (Maybe a bed wasn't the best choice? Idk, I'm converting a full-size but decorative CC car (like, it does nothing but sit there--starting simple, haha), and I was trying to find something to clone in Sims 4 that was somewhere near the same size... Is that even the right approach when finding something to clone? Maybe it's more about, like...similar functions or something? Idek.) So I'm not really sure if the new mesh should be cut number 1 or what...

2. The mesh of the object I'm converting...doesn't appear to have a shadow? I could be wrong, it could be, idk, hiding somehow, but I would think that it would be visible because in theory it should be larger than the shadow of the bed I cloned from S4. How much is this actually going to matter? Do I need to try to figure out how to give it a shadow? If so, how hard is that to do? Any tips/tutorial links/whatever are much appreciated!

...I feel like there was another question, but I've forgotten it... Oh well, haha.

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