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Default Love Island
Doesn’t require mods but works smoother with:
* MC Command Centre
* MC WooHoo mod.


* Create a household with 3 Male and 3 female sims (or all Male, all female etc. Whatever you want your love island theme to be)

* place them in a lot with the house you want - created or from the gallery, it doesn’t matter

* use a generator app (or online generator) to enter all of the house mates names in

* use the generator to create the first couplings in the house!

* make sure the autonomy is set to full and watch your sims make connections!

* challenges, dates and other events are for your own discretion. Sims to take part can be chosen with the generator app

*at the end of every sim week, have a recouping for the sims with the most romance to pair off with each other (or use a generator to recouple them for more drama!)

* when a new sims enters the house, use the generator to choose a sim they go on their first date with!

* after every recoupling, the sim that then gets left single should be dumped from the game and moved out of the household

* after as many recouplings as you want, stop moving new sims in and just have sims being dumped, voted off with the generator etc until there is a winning couple

* create a club for the house mates and set the requirements, vibe etc to flirty and romantic to encourage a more romantic vibe and more romantic interactions

* click the computer, enter the mc woohoo option and change the settings to allow sims to share a bed without romantic connections
* if you want specific gender preferences for sims, click on each sim and change their gender preferences with mc command.

Repeat with new housemates after you get your winners

Tell me your love island challenge stories, I would love to hear them
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