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Default Generic Sim Call Primitive
I'm trying to use the Generic Sim Call Primitive 8E "Get Wall Mode" but it keeps on throwing errors. Does anyone ever succeeded in using it ?

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Disclaimer: I'm new to this

So according to the strings we've got:
Call to primitive 0x0001 with 0x8E: Get wall mode
> Returns the wall mode in Temp 0: 0= Walls Down, 1 = Walls Cutaway

However, this primitive is next to a bunch of other suspicious looking ones if you ask me... the ones immediately prior to it seem to be relating to Castaway Stories. It's quite interesting: have a look at 0x7E - UI display goal, 0x7F - UI set show vines. It's talking about goals, story mode, vines covering the goal - this is only the case in castaway stories. The rest of them from there seem to be relating to the stories games. So my thinking is it's not working because it's not compatible with the game and was just included in there because, uhh... to confuse you. That's generally the goal when you're developing software

There's a flag you can set on objects to hide them when the walls are cutaway, so maybe you could use that to tell whether the walls are up or not if you need to somehow? There's also (0x0045) wall cutout flags but I don't know how they're used. Maybe you could also check out object's render flags (0x0047) or render alpha (0x0048) and see if they change depending on the wall state...
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thanks for your answer. your hypothesis about Casytaway seems very logic to me. But where can I find the first flag you're talking about ? I've tested so many things that I've melted everything

I believe in the "Thanks" button and its amazing powers !!!
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