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Default Ancient Africa; Yoruba Orishas, Majick, And VooDoo!
World: Zewwi Bonde; or any other African World.

Two Villages - One worships the Yoruba Orishas; the other, uses VooDoo, VooDoo Dolls, and Both have Ancestor Worship.

Domesticated Zebras - Futeristic Africa!

African Traditional Clothes From Store:

African Living Furniture:

The Hot African Sun Flashes in Orange Flames; women collect fruits and farm. Young braves have shields of zebra hide and spears made of elephant bone. Stingless honey bees provide Honey - a staple along with peanut sauce, mango, monkey, and a wealth of vegetables and fruit. The Boys kill their first Lion; The Girls collect seashells, learn how to cook meat from the bushmeat market, and balance water on their heads.

Goal One: Gather, Hunt, and Fish; Provide,
You are a Young African Man; 15 years old you are a man after you kill your first lion, and have an arranged marriage with a beautiful bride!
You have a small Quiver and Hunting Bow; you give them up, your first and second lion hunt a success! Already married, your smiling wife is pregnant; a beautiful girl and bride. 
Your home is rich with food, animal hides, zebra rugs, fishing spears, as well as a fireplace and cooking stove, and marriage bed - that is the future! All you have now is an empty hut made from sun-dried bricks, no roof! Dried woven grasses and a medicine branch becomes the roof with red dirt as a floor. African Graveyards are unmarked; have your Ancestors with you, always!

As you Gather, Hunt, Fish, and Collect, you can buy things for others; example; one slain zebra gives you a zebra rug or marriage bed hide, that would require two zebras. A good bow and countless arrows will give you a crocodile hide, the ones that hunt in the African Rivers. Freshwater African Fish will give you ten bone and teeth necklaces; for every barter, there is and equal and opposite trade. Weaving in the village is a mans job, as well as Drum-Making for Ceremonies.

Your wife screams; she is in labor! A Boy and a Girl!

You will Need: Teen Pregnancy Mod.
African C.C: As much as you want!

More African C.C! ( Drums, African Animals, )

Hospital ( Send African Witch to Hospital Career, in downtown Africa )

No School! ( Create one, from Scratch, )

Garbage Dump ( Many days looking over it; sometimes, you find a stove, and, rarely, Books, hard to come by, are found none the less. )

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