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Default Midnight Sun Challenge (TS3 to TS2 Rule Adaptions)
Hey all! Long time no see! It's been a bunch of years.

I've been playing a lot of The Sims 2 lately, and it had me missing a challenge I used to play a lot on The Sims 3. If anyone else has already done this, let me know and I'll delete this, but I didn't find anything through my searches except for this one... ( ...however, I wanted something more basic and closer to the original playing rules, so here it is! If you like a more in-depth challenge, I really recommend you check out their blog.

I found some maps to use and reformatted the rules to fit this older game in the series. I figured I'd share it all with you, in case anyone else might be interested. If you have anything to add, please comment down below so it can be tweaked! I'm not a TS2 expert, but hopefully nothing too important will be off!

Map downloads, here on MTS:

So, credit where credit is due... Here is the original post that was geared towards The Sims 3:

"You don't remember much of what happened but the cruise ship sank, your lifeboat broke, and you ended up here. What a lucky life, don't you think?"

Essentially, the Midnight Sun Challenge is a survival island challenge. Your goal is to survive for five generations in total isolation on very little space. You will need an expansion pack that allows you to add subhoods to play, since you will not be interacting with any one in your main hood.

To begin, select a tiny island of your choosing, from the links above. (They're the best download I've found for doing this challenge that is close to the original TS3 version, if you know of any others, please share!) Make sure you begin the world without any Sims ( Create an adult Sim to be your founder. It's up to you what your Sim is going to look like, no restrictions.

After your Sim is done, you move them to a tiny lot. In the original TS3 ver., your money should be around $3000 after purchasing the lot, so I recommend setting your household funds to $3000 or less, before you start playing. Ideally, $1,500, which is the same as an extreme legacy start. Your Sim is allowed to do whatever they want to in order to earn money, including painting, writing, fishing etc.

Since there are no other Sims in the neighborhood, your Sim lives in total isolation, therefore you are NOT allowed to speak to any mailman or newspaper person showing up on or nearby your lot. Prepare to be besties with the Social Bunny. The restriction also means that you have to travel abroad to vacation destinations or university to find a partner for your future children since you are not allowed to adopt. (Alien pregnancies is a little cheaty since you don't need a partner, I'd recommend at least a deduction if you choose this.) TS2 also has shopping districts and downtown you could try, but the point of traveling is that you have to earn money to do it, so deduct between $3000-$5000 for each visit. (Not sure which mods can stop downtownies and shopping district townies from visiting, though? )

Beware though, that a Sim is only allowed to go for a vacation three times in their lifetime, and they can visit the same destination no more than two times. So your Sim
can travel to every destination once, or to one of the destinations twice and another once in order to use up their three vacations. 3 trips in total, maximum 2 per destination. If a Sim has travelled abroad at least once, they may not go to university. Attending university totally rules out travelling abroad, which means you are using up all three vacations of that Sim by taking them to university. Sims may only get one degree each, no multiple degrees. What's the use of a degree when living
on this island, anyway?

An important detail is that everyone born on the lot or married into family must live on the isle and is never allowed to leave it until death takes them elsewhere. The only
exception to this is the limited number of vacations allowed. Also, during a Sim's childhood you are never allowed to choose their Aspirations, they must be randomized. Of course, this challenge's rules are up to you in the end. There's no way for others to enforce the point system, just like with the legacy challenge... but here's some
that I recommend to play with, to stick to the original inspiration of the challenge.

- Use the original Maxis aging span
- No adoption
- No cheating! Building cheats, resetting Sim cheats, etc. are okay, but nothing that would make the challenge easier on you (kaching, motherlode, household funds (after
setting the starting amount), max motives, etc.)
- Avoid using any mods or CC that would give you an unfair advantage (I recommend sticking to MAXIS items with recolors!)
- Every family member must live on the isle and is never allowed to leave it until death takes them elsewhere, the only exception to this is the limited number of
vacations allowed
- 3 trips in total, maximum 2 per destination... if a Sim has travelled abroad at least once, they may not go
to university
- If your subhood option does NOT cost money to travel to, you must deduct $3-5K from
your family funds each trip

For a more realistic challenge, try growing/catching all your food! Maybe avoid using electricity or indoor plumbing! Or rather, unlocking it, as your Sim will need a way
to communicate with a possible spouse after traveling. A great example is the blog I linked earlier, found here... ( Be creative with it and just have fun!

I ramble a lot, and get confused easily, so my apologies to you in advance.
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oooh i aboslutely loved this challenge with sims 3 but it always felt too long. This is so perfect for sims 2!
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This does look a lot like how my TOT challenge and apocalypse challenge games get started with colonial settlements in the new world started in the 16th century except that mine only allows travel to the colony for new couples evey year or few years as sailing to the new world in those old wooden saling ships was dangerous and they often wrecked and left survivors stranded.
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