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Default Switching location for blind eye cc?

I'm fairly new to CAS tools and Sims 4 Studio. I've been trying to figure out a way to flip teanmoon's blind eye . They have one for both eyes and one for only the left eye. To get a blind right eye I would have to completely change my default eyes which are different from their content. This would only be used for my personal content, nothing shared or anything like that. The creator has gone on an indefinite hiatus and states on their blog their cc is now unsupported, so I don't think there are any copyright issues with fiddling with the mesh. I'm just not sure where to go from here? Thank you.
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The underlying complication to making one eye blind is that both eyes are uv mapped to the same spot, so affecting only one eye requires a 'contact lens' mesh over the eyeball which is uv-mapped somewhere else. I tried the following using CAS Tools and Milkshape:

Clone the left eye package (clone, not copy),
Export the mesh and move and rotate it to fit the right eye,
Change the bone assignment (vertex group in Blender I think) to b_R_Eye,
Save, and import the new mesh to all four lods,
Save and test the package.

I had to fiddle a little to get the mesh in the right position - if you don't see it in CAS or it flickers, it probably needs to be moved a tiny bit forward. I also found that while both the original and right eye packages work well on females, on males there's a black area on the eye with both. Maybe making the mesh a tiny bit bigger would fix that.
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