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Default The Occult Obliviator Challenge. (Supernatural required)
Your sim is a man/woman of science. They detest all things supernatural, so why they moved to Moonlight falls is anybody's guess. Turns out they want to make the town a lot more... logical.

le steps:

1. Create a single, human sim. They do not need the supernatural skeptic trait, but it is helpful for this challenge. Move them into Moonlight falls.

2. Become acquainted with everybody in town so you can keep an eye on their supernatural status. Whether it's done the hard way or through Cheats is up to you.

3. There are two ways to "remove" a sim's supernatural status. One is to kill them off, the other is to hit them with a Potent cure elixir. "Cure" everyone in town to make them a normal, boring sim. It's just that simple! The challenge is over when this is accomplished.

Have fun!
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