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Default The Sims 4 Archetype Challenge
Hey everyone, this is a challenge I created myself (hopefully I will be able to record/stream it soon).
(If this has been done before I haven't seen it)

The Sims 4 Archetype Challenge is based off a list of character archetypes I found by Jill Williamson and thought it could make for an interesting Sims project.

The Goal:
The challenge is very simple, to use this list to create a town full of diverse sims using CAS. The challenge is complete when you've made a sim for every archetype on the list; what you do with them after is up to you!

You Must:
- Make a Sim for Every Personality Archetype on the List (challenge is complete upon doing so)
- Pick Traits and Aspirations that make sense for the Archetype you're working on. For example, when making the "Villain" Archetype for your Sim, using the "Evil" trait makes sense. Using the "Good" Trait however does not.
- Take your Time. There's just over 50 Archetypes on this List. No Need to Overdo it or Rush in One go (unless that's how you roll). That's an Easy Way to Feel Overwhelmed.

You May: (Not Required but may make more Interesting)
- Make as Many or Few Sims per Household as you'd like, they all must have an Archetype however. (You will need to make more than one Household total to complete the list though)
- Make Sims of Any age (as long as the Traits and Archetype make sense).
- Use Any Pack/Kit, Mods, and CC for Traits, Aspirations, and your Sims Aesthetic.
- Make Occult Sims
- Make your Sims made for this Challenge have Jobs, Skills, Homes, Families, ect. After you've made them in CAS, you can do whatever you want with them including using them in other challenges! (As long as they fit those rules)
- Be as Literal or Abstract about it as you want, just make it make Sense.

Suggestions: (Not Required but Adds extra Challenge and Randomness)
- Randomize Household Size (Min 1 - Max 8)
- Randomize the Archetype of each Sim in the Household (This could make for a very interesting story especially if you decide to play with these Sims after the Challenge is complete).
- Be Creative, try making a Story in your Head as you are making your Sims Household. Try Writing Bios for each of your Households that are part of the Challenge

That's Pretty much all there is to it. I sent a link to Jills original list above but I will also write it here. If you would like me to see your creations in the Gallery use #EthelbuttArchetype or #ArchetypeChallenge . Be sure to Include whatever Story you like in the Description and what Archetypes you used in the Household. <3

The List:

1. Analyst: Can explain anything rationally. Ex: Mr. Spock
2. Anti-hero: The hero who didn’t ask to get involved but does. Ex: Sarah Connor, Wolverine
3. Benefactor: Has a whole lot of something they want to share. Ex: Miss Havisham
4. Bully: Has no tolerance for weakness, especially in themselves. Ex: Scut Farkus (Christmas Story)
5. Bureaucrat: Follows the rules no matter what. Ex: Hermione Granger
6. Caretaker: Cares for others. Ex: Digory Kirke
7. Catalyst: Makes things happen.
8. Child: Could be a literal child or just living like one. Ex: Wally McDoogle, Peter Pan
9. Coward: Afraid of everything, controlled by fear. Ex: Adrian Monk, Cowardly Lion, Alexandra Rover
10. Curmudgeon: Irritable and cynical and proud of it. Ex: Ebenezer Scrooge
11. Dreamer: Longs to be something they are not. Ex: Annie, William Thatcher (A Knight’s Tale)
12. Elder/Mentor/Teacher/Parent: Been around long enough to know some vital information. Ex: Ben Kenobi, Mufassa
13. Explorer/Wanderer: Wants to see the world—could be running from something.
14. Extraordinary man: The Sim who can do anything. Ex: Indiana Jones, James Bond
15. Gossip: Must be the first to know everything and the one to pass it on. Ex: Rachel Lynde
16. Guardian: Protects the weak.
17. Hedonist/Thrill-seeker: Lives for today in case tomorrow never comes.
18. Herald/Messenger: The bringer of news, good, bad, or necessary.
19. Hermit/Loner: Just wants to be left alone. Ex: Phil Hercules, Martin Riggs (Lethal Weapon)
20. Hunter/Predator: Can catch or kill anything. Ex: Terminator
21. Innocent: An inexperienced individual exposed to the evils in the world. Ex: Dorothy Gale
22. Introvert: Lives inside his shell to prevent anyone from seeing their real self. Ex: Gabriella Montez (High School Musical)
23. Investigator: Thrives on puzzles and riddles. Ex: Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes
24. Judge/Mediator: The arbitrator or peacemaker in a conflict.
25. Leader: Always knows the best thing to do—and people follow. Ex: William Wallace
26. Magician/Wizard/Superpowers: Has special powers or abilities. Ex: Superman, Harry Potter
27. Manipulator: Plays with people and situations to get what they want. Ex: Scarlett O’Hara
28. Martyr: Willing to suffer or die for others or a cause.
29. Masochist: Finds pleasure in torturing themselves, denying themselves—may take on too much.
30. Masquerader: Pretends to be something they are not.
31. Monster: A depraved beast. Ex: Gollum, Grendel (Beowulf)
32. Ordinary Person: Your average Joe, just like you or me or the guy across the street. Ex: Dr. Richard Kimball, Frodo Baggins.
33. Penitent: Lives to atone for their sin.
34. Perfectionist: Every action and word must be flawless.
35. Pleaser/Show-off: Craves approval from anyone and may do anything to get it.
36. Poet: Life is art, be that through story or song or art or sculpture.
37. Rebel/Revolutionary: Stands opposed to the status quo and fights for their cause.
38. Rogue: Looks out for themselves and no one else. Ex: Han Solo
39. Saboteur/Betrayer: For whatever reason, they will make sure something fails. Ex: Edmund Pevensie
40. Samaritan: Does good deeds wherever they go.
41. Scholar: Wants to learn.
42. Sensualist: Addicted to feeling good about Themselves.
43. Slave: Does not belong to themselves. Ex: Dobby the house elf
44. Survivor: Pulls through no matter what happens, doesn’t give up.
45. Sycophant: Self-seeking, flatterer, who works to please those in power. Ex: Smee (Peter Pan)
46. Temptress: Uses power (intellect, magic, beauty) to make others weak. Ex: Megara (Hercules)
47. Thief: Takes what they want or need. Ex: Philippe Gaston (LadyHawke), Jean Valjean
48. Trickster/Jester: Always looking for the humor in a situation. Ex: Fred and George Weasley
49. Tyrant: Must be in control at all times. Ex: Captain Hook
50. Victim: Was hurt by someone or lives in fear that someone will hurt them. Ex: Claireece “Precious” Jones
51. Villain: Seeks to destroy/trap the hero. Ex: Evil Queen in Snow White, Lex Luthor
52. Waif: Appears innocent and weak and often relies on the pity of others. Ex: The Kid (Dick Tracy)
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I'm saving this for a future challenge! I love using CAS to do different sim builds
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