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The Sims 3 Challenge [Heartbreaker]
The Sims 3 Challenge [Heartbreaker]

This challenge was created by me and it's my first challenge created, however I haven't tested it yet, because when I was about to start, my computer broke down and I'm waiting to buy another one!!

Story: After a painful breakup, you moved to another city. Her ex-boyfriend was the perfect guy…well, at least for her parents. You started your relationship in your teens and when you moved together you thought he would finally become more responsible, but it didn't, you worked a part-time job, saved money to go to university, and when I got home, had to clean and cook, while he did nothing, just spent the whole day at home. Your breaking point was when you found out he cheated on you while you were at work, so taking some clothes and some money, you moved to another city.
What will be waiting for you in this new adventure? And will you finally find the perfect guy for you?

• You only have 200$
• You cannot have any job until you have had at least 5 boyfriends/boyfriends.
• You need to live on a 20x20 plot
• You cannot use any mods except to get money.
• You can earn money in another way (painting, collecting flowers, stones, etc.)
• You can only marry after fulfilling your enduring desire and being at the top of your career (your choice).
• Your enduring desire must be: Heartbreaker
• Three of your traits have to be: irresistible, good at kissing, and hopeless romantic. The other two traits are your choice!!
• The challenge ends when you have a son or daughter, or if you don't want a child, when you die.

I hope you have fun!!
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This sounds fun I am going to try it out
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Originally Posted by mamalizz
This sounds fun I am going to try it out

Hey!! I hope you have fun!! And if you have any suggestions to improve the challenge, let me know!! As I said, I couldn't experience the challenge before posting it.
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