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Default Notice of upcoming downtime Wednesday 30th March - NOT HAPPENING, DONE ALREADY!
Hi All,

MTS will be offline on Wednesday 30th March, to move to a new server. The downloads being unavailable a week ago where a result of a failing disk, and as such, I need to move to new hardware. All of the essential configuration has been done on the new server already, as well as a backup taken last week, however, I will need to bring the site offline to copy any remaining files, images, and a database dump, as well as change IP addresses and configure everything to point to the new server.

I do not have an estimated downtime on this since it depends on network speeds, amount of files etc. The site will be replaced with a maintenance message while this work is being carried out.

Turns out the file storage disk died today (again) anyway, so I went ahead and moved the schedule forward (which you probably all saw anyway :P)

Everything is on the new server now. I think I have everything configured correctly but please let me know if there are any issues in #site-feedback on Discord ( )


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Oooh, shiny new server! I hope it all goes well, I suppose I'll have to actually do some work on Wednesday then, instead of downloading stuff for my sims!

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Thanks for the heads up

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Great to know, thank you!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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I was wondering why I could not download a lot. Should have read the news first.

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Just as I thought. Was wondering why I can't download stuff and gets Error code 500 eventhough I already tried a hard refresh and cleared cache.
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That was fast. I was thinking it'd be down all day!
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Fantastic work @Tashiketh - the site was barely down at all! Nice one.

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@Tashiketh -Thanks for fixing the site and I've tested to see if the files are downloading and have gotten a few things.A ew of my downloads are for making new towns or for adding neighborhoods to my towns as they grow and become crowded.
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