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Default Odd Texture Problem, I'm Stumped
I made a clone of the "Gunshow/ Show of Strength" in The Sims Resource Workshop (sims 3).
I made my mesh in another program and put it into milkshape

It looks fine in milkshape.
It looks fine in TSRW.
The texture fails to tile properly in game and has no transparency , but oddly the recolor channels I made for create a style all still work(They just go on the wrong parts as the texture is not tiling right).

I've googled this for about two weeks, then asked at another site for help but no avail.
Does anyone know what the issue could be? It looks fine in milkshape and in workshop.

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Hello, It looks like the UV mapping is the problem. PLUS a problem with the alpha channels. It looks like a flat image instead of a floating image. You have to use an existing Sims 3 mesh to get the correct vertice values (bones, weights) and copy them to the new mesh then you have to UV map it correctly. Have a look at these.

This one is TS2 to TS3 conversion but the info is useful for the foilage issues you are having.-
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