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Creating a new country, nationality, and the ability for the player to be recognized as an emperor.
Creating a new country, nationality, and the ability for the player to be recognized as an emperor.

This trait will come with sub traits, history, culture, festivals, careers, custom icons, interactions [new ones], and new objects.

Because I don't know how to make a baby inherit their parent's traits, there will be a festival called the "Ceremonial Granting of Citizenship" where sims, when they turn 11 days old [[1st day of childhood] as sims on normal aging time or get four days into childhood on any other aging mode, they are able to go become legal citizens.

You probably wanna know about the emperor part.


THIS CAN CAUSE A SLEW OF THINGS, the sims will contact the player and if the player gives a sim the trait “Simself,” a free reward trait, the player will be granted access to live through a sim.

It is highly recommended you play in first-person mode to get more immersed...

Sims will call you the player, they will not know your gender as they cannot see you but sims with this trait, rulers of Cynthena, and royal advisors will see you as a kind or cruel king depending on how you treat them [which really depend on your simself’s relationship with them]

Depending on your simself’s gender, sims may come and flirt with you to become the empress or emperor.

This trait will be posted here and come with a lot trait, careers, lots and even premade sims.

I may include a save as well, like how in the sims three saves were neighborhoods.

A lot can be placed in any safe and serve as the entire country, however, the save will be the entire country.

The save will have 10 sims in Willow Creek.

The save will have sims in Oasis Springs.

The same amount in all others EXCEPT Forgotten Hollow.

This one has a special secret that others with the Cynthen trait like to keep hidden...

Cynthens are genetically modified humans. That means that certain things have different effects, case in point, if a vampire bites one, they get a surprise. But if you live in a forgotten hollow, you may get a new surprise.

On a low-key line is the safest way to get the surprise.

Simselves get a huge surprise.

What happens if you make a baby while in bat form?
That one is an even bigger surprise that may even loot a new trait.

Okay, I'm done. I'm going to change the due date of the trait from before June 30th, 2022 to somewhere before July 31st, 2022.
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Default Update
Here is a recording of my plans for this trait:
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Default Update 2
=More of my plans in a recording:
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