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#1 Old 9th Sep 2022 at 1:04 PM
Default The Sims 2 Pokémon "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" - Challenge

As this is my first ever post to Mod The Sims and my first ever challenge idea, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

General information
The goal is to ”catch them all”, meaning to have played with 151 sims who all have been named after the first 151 Pokémon.

You start out with Pokémon 001: Bulbasaur. You can only have as many children as the original pokemons evolution line allows, e.g Bulbasaur can only have two children and they have to be named Ivysaur and Venusaur. When the evolution line ends, the heir can then also only have as many children as the next Pokémons evolution line allows. E.g Ivysaur or Venusaur get to have three children named Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard. The exception to this is if the next Pokémon in the Pokédex does not have any evolutions. You are then free to continue having as many children named after Pokémon as you’d like, BUT you have to finish an entire evolution line in one generation, e.g Koffing can not be the parent of a Weezing, they have to be siblings.

What if I have twins at the planned “last” birth?
You continue to have children until you have finished an evolution line. E.g. If Bulbasaur already had Ivysaur, then has Venusaur and a twin, the twin is to be named Charmander and Bulbasaur has to continue having children to finish the Charmander-line, and so on.

Determining heirs / Pokemon battles
If there are only two sims eligible for being heirs, they have to have a “pokemon battle” (a fight). Whoever wins gets to be the heir.

If there are more than two sims eligible for being heirs, the sim who has the highest amount of body skill points gets to be the heir. If there are two sims who have the same amount of body skill points, these two sims have to battle for it. If there are more than two sims with the same amount of body skill points, you can choose the heir freely.

Aspirations according to type
Depending on what typing a Pokémon has, you can only choose between the following aspirations for them:

Grass: Family
Bug: Knowledge
Fire: Fortune
Rock: Family
Water: Romance
Ghost: Knowledge
Normal: Pleasure
Dark: Fortune
Electric: Popularity
Dragon: Popularity
Ice: Popularity
Steel: Pleasure
Fighting: Fortune
Fairy: Romance
Poison: Romance
Ground: Family
Flying: Pleasure
Psychic: Knowledge

If a Pokémon is dual-typed, they can be any of the two aspirations associated with them. E.g. Bulbasaur can be Family or Romance aspiration. A Geodude however would still only get to be a family sim, since both of its types are associated with the family-aspiration.

Secondary aspirations are allowed, but only after the sim ages up to an adult and they have to be completely random or calculated with an aspiration calculator, like PleasantSims calculator or similar. They cannot be chosen freely.

Careers according to type
What careers your sims can work in also depends on their Pokémon typing:

Grass: Natural science
Bug: Journalism, education
Fire: Culinary
Rock: Adventurer, architecture
Water: Medicine, oceanography
Ghost: Paranormal
Normal: Slacker
Dark: Criminal
Electric: Gamer
Dragon: Law enforcement
Ice: Intelligence
Steel: Military
Fighting: Athletic
Fairy: Music, dance
Poison: Science
Ground: Law
Flying: Entertainment, show business
Psychic: Politics, business

You will need to have a mod like the SimBlender that allows non-uni sims to work in uni-careers, as you probably won’t be playing uni in this challenge since it is a long challenge to begin with, and uni would only add to that. But you are of course free to play with uni if you like.
Secondary aspirations do not count towards the careers your sims can work in, they are only based on your sims primary aspirations.

Aside from working in careers, sims can do whatever they want to make money.

Clothing/furnishing rooms according to type
You should try to make your sims look as much like the Pokémon they are named after as possible. You could also try to decorate their room/house so that it fits with the Pokémons theme.

Pokémon specific plot lines
Inspired by the anime and the games, these are some events that you should try to make happen during the challenge:

Bulbasaur: Rescue a stray pet and care for it for the rest of its days.

Charmander: Upon reaching adulthood, the sim must move out and live alone for the first season (preferably autumn) of the age span.

Squirtle: Prank at least 3 sims outside of the family and put out at a fire at least once.

Caterpie: Become friends with a red-haired female sim.

Butterfree: Regardless if the sim is the heir or not, they have to move out upon reaching adulthood and start their life in a new house, never to return to the original hous.

Pikachu: The sim must become enemies with a black-haired male sim, and later become BFFs with them.

Clefairy: The sim must stargaze at least one hour every night, and once for an entire night, 19-06 (look out for aliens!).

Onix: The sim must be struck by lighting at least once.

Magikarp: Splash in puddles every chance you get.

Haunter: Make a friend by only telling jokes and/or dirty jokes.

Ponyta and Rapidash: Gain maximum fitness enthusiasm by jogging and running on treadmills.

Ditto: Change the sims appearence drastically everytime the sim ages up. Try to mimic other sims appearances, if possible.

Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon: Go on a vacation to buy a geode each for one of the sims

Snorlax: Sleep and/or eat as often as you can.

Jigglypuff: Gain maximum music & dance enthusiasm by singing karaoke or singing using the regular microphone.

Any of the fossil Pokémon: Dig for treasure until you find a treasure chest. This only needs to be done once, but can be done more times if you want/need.

Growlithe: Adopt a dog and get them a job in the security career.

Challenge end
The challenge ends when sim #151 Mew ages up to an adult.
Test Subject
#2 Old 28th Sep 2022 at 2:53 AM
I am playing this challenge. I just started gen 2! Ivysaur is my heir and she just had baby girl charmander.
Test Subject
#3 Old 27th Oct 2022 at 8:53 PM
Anyone know any Bulbasaur skins and accessories that could be put on a sims back to represent Bulbasaurs bulb because I really want to play the challenge but I find it hard to find any Pokemon themed content for the challenge and I am having trouble figuring out how best to go about creating a skin that would look like how Bulbasaurs skin and bulb is designed in the pokemon show
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