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Default Sucky Lovers Mod Pack
I'm making a sucky lovers mod pack. It's a pack where sims will have very bad traits when it comes to romance and love, Incels, Femcels, Girlfriend stealers, people who will try to make YOU break up with them when they don't want to be with you anymore, and sims who will catfish and invite women over to humiliate them.

Basically, total jerks. It is supposed to add flavor to the life in the sims four, while things can go smoothly in the sims four, there isn't much sprite unless you're causing drama or leaving the house.

The mod pack will also contain a heck ton of funny interactions and an arguing cheater. These sims are based off of real people, some people in real life will argue with you to get you to kick them out so that they can see a side chick.

'm not trying to promote these behaviors in any way.

Incels aren't all the same, but it's getting pretty bad in some places.
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