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#1 Old 9th Dec 2022 at 3:42 AM
Default Story Driven version of old Asylum challenge
Hello, I made this. All that's left is some playthroughs to let me know what a good ending score range might be, so I can write up some endings.
I was inspired by the Princess Challenge way of story driven play, and incorporated that into the old (skill based) asylum challenge we all know and love.

Story Driven Asylum Challenge

Goal: Max 2/3/4 skills in 21 days.

Setup: Using ALL available starting funds on any blank lot of your choosing, construct an asylum with the following criteria--
A fully fenced in grounds area with outdoor space
A "quiet room" containing no objects at all behind a lockable door
1 outdoor skill activity of your choosing
1 TV, Bookshelf, living style chair, dining table, low quality fridge, low quality stove, low quality shower, toilet, sink, shower stall
2 dining style chairs
3 single beds
1 indoor skill activity of your choosing (COMPUTERS PROHIBITED)
2 more skill objects of your choosing (NO COMPUTERS)

Start with 0 money
The daily event happens at 8AM
Start in Summer
Cancel all Holidays
Unlimited phone calls, but no visitors
If it builds any measured skill, it's a skill object.
No inventory
Random events (12) may not be repeated
Give AI inmates lots of bad traits for maximum effect
Doors are unlocked
You may wander the neighborhood but do not travel
Have fun!

Day 1 (Sunday): Welcome to the Asylum! Is that the rumbling of your stomach? Hope you can fend for yourself.
Goal: Make $100 Simoleans

Day 2 (Monday): Good morning Asylum! You can't leave, so you meet everyone on the ward.
Goal: Introduce yourself to all Inmates and the Doctor
+200 points each friend you make
+200 become friends with the Doctor

Day 3 (Tuesday): Something random is happening in the Asylum!
Roll a Random Event

Day 4 (Wednesday): Asylum Therapist recommends you get a job! You may choose to find a job, but there is no penalty if you choose not to.
Goal: Find a job and attend at least 1 day of work
+100 points Each day of work you finish henceforth

Day 5 (Thursday): Group therapy day in the Asylum! Today's focus is FOCUS!
+200 points if you have 3 or 4 different skills
-100 points if you have 2 or fewer different skills
-200 points if you have more than 6 different skills

Day 6 (Friday): The doctor is coming to the asylum! Throw a party at 1:30pm and invite him. He will bring $500 worth of books OR a single chair with him for the ward. Make sure everything is clean for him.
-300 points if there is any sort of mess when he arrives
-300 points if anything is broken when he arrives
-300 points if you don't have at least 2 skills at level 3
+100 points if 2+ skills are level 5
+200 points if 1+ skills are level 6

Day 7 (Saturday): Nothing happens in the asylum today. Take this time to reflect on your first week.

W2 Day 8 (Sunday): Something random is happening!
Roll a random event

W2 Day 9 (Monday): It's visitors day! Have a party, with cake, at 1pm and invite every sim you know who lives off the lot, except the doctor who is off today.
+100 points if there are no messes on the lot
-100 each mess on the lot
+200 points if there are no dirty/stinky sims on the lot
-100 each dirty sim
+200 points every sim you are able to invite (do not invite the doctor)
+300 points if you are able to get a gold medal for the event

W2 Day 10 (Tuesday): The Asylum is full of Random events!
Roll a random event

W2 Day 11 (Wednesday): Your Therapist inquires about your job. If you never took a job, there is no effect.
-200 points if you took a job, but no longer have it
+150 points for every job level above 1st

W2 Day 12 (Thursday): Group therapy in the Asylum! Immediately compare your skills to the other inmates'!
-100 if you have less than 10 points more than the leading inmate
+100 each inmate with 1 skill greater than 3

W2 Day 13 (Friday): It's Friday the 13th! Something random happens!
Roll a random event

W2 Day 14 (Saturday): Another quiet day in the Asylum! You may choose to spice it up with a random event. If you roll, you must accept the outcome, and gain/lose 100 additional points if you gain/lose any due to the event.

W3 Day 15 (Sunday): This is the longest weekend ever in the Asylum! Something random happens today.
Roll a random event

W3 Day 16 (Monday): Visitor's day is here again!
Goal: Throw a party at 1pm in which you serve cake.
Follow scoring rules for previous visitor's day.

W3 Day 17 (Tuesday): Something random this way comes!
Roll a a random event

W3 Day 18 (Wednesday): Your Therapist asks how you're getting along with the other inmates.
+100 points every inmate friend
-100 points every inmate enemy
+200 points if you have any best friends

W3 Day 19 (Thursday): Group therapy gets very heated today!
Goal: Check the mood of every inmate
-200 points each sim in a "bad" mood
+200 points each sim in a "good" mood

W3 Day 20 (Friday): What will happen on your last day? Something random!
Roll a random event

W3 Day 21 (Saturday): Your case gets reviewed today!
Goal: At 2:30, you will be released if you have at 2+ skills at level 10.
+500/750/1000 points for finishing, congratulations!
-300/200/100 points every day, including today, until you are released immediately upon mastering 2/3/4 skills.

Random Events:
#1 You've earned a day pass! If you know at least 1 person outside the ward, you may visit a public location with them from 9a-3p. Gain 100 points if you leave the lot for at least 3hrs!

#2 You aren't making enough progress! Increase 2 skills by 1 level each.

#3 The State is appauled by the conditions on the ward! Upgrade any 1 object on the lot OR gain 1 bed spot. Gain 200 points if nothing is broken.

#4 Where are the inmates!! Immediately check the location of all inmates. If anyone is outside the borders of the home lot, lose 500 points.

#5 What's that smell? Is it me? No, it's definitely you! Lose 100 points for every mess on the lot. Lose 100 points for every dirty sim.

#6 You misbehaved. No one's sure what you did, but it's time to pay the consequences. Spend 3 hours in the quiet room. If you have any friends, they sneak you out after 1 hour.

#7 No talking means no talking. Spend 6 hours locked in the quiet room today. If you have at least 1 skill at level 8, you are released after 3 hours.

#8 Mess Duty! Cook and serve a good+ group meal of level 4 skill or higher. Lose 200 points if you are unable.

#9 Today is Arts and Crafts day! Gain 100 points if you are able to produce a physical craft in the asylum. Gain 200 more for an excellent quality item.

#10 Recreation day! Everybody goes outside today! All inmates will spend a minimum of 4 hours locked outside today.

#11 How about a field trip? All the inmates go out to the public pool today from 10am to 2pm. Gain 100 points for each inmate that swims at least 30 minutes.

#12 Your interest is caught by a passing cloud. Truly, it is a beautiful day. Gain 100 points.
Test Subject
Original Poster
#2 Old 9th Dec 2022 at 3:59 AM
Extra notes:

Final score is Aspiration points + Challenge points
Reward objects allowed
Handiness allowed
Avatar Sim must have "erratic"
7 other randomly generated (or not) Sims with negative traits
A doctor Sim to live next door
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