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#1 Old 7th Jan 2023 at 4:26 AM
Spy x Family Challenge!!
This is a challenge me and my friend created based on the anime/manga series Spy x Family, and it was created specifically with The Sims 4 in mind, but feel free to adapt it for other games in the franchise!
(Sorry for any spelling mistakes, english is my second language)

Your sim has received a mission, to prevent an influential political figure from threatening the peace arrangements between two nations. To fullfill this mission, your sim must form a family and gain access to said political figure through your "child".

  • You should start with an attractive sim, who must have the Loner, Genius and Perfectionist traits;
  • The sim must have the Spy career, and you must promote them to, at least, level 5 in said career (cheats are allowed for this part);
  • In the beginning of the game, your sim must "adopt" a toddler/child, who is an alien in disguise (specifically because of the alien abilities). The child must stay disguised at all times, and must not get discovered.
  • While playing with only the first sim and the child, they must live in a small house;
  • The first sim must go out to "look" for a spouse. This spouse needs to be in the Criminal career (or Assassin career, if you have a mod that adds it to the game);
  • The "marriage" between the spy and the criminal must be one of convenience, so you can either make it so the "spouse" moves into the house without a romantic relationship with the spy, or you can use mods to remove the romantic relationship between the two;
  • After getting married, the family can move to a bigger place;
  • Neither of the two sims can "know" of the other's actual job. You can give them part-time jobs as a disguise;
  • Optional: You can dress them up on clothes typical of the 1960's, and decorate the house with things from that decade, as the anime/manga takes place in the 60s;
  • No money/job promotion/grade cheats are allowed (besides for promoting the first sim in the beginning of the game).


To make the child an A student, so that your sim can have access to the political figure's social circle, without having anyone find out about the child being an alien, or the "parents'" actual jobs.

Observation: The spouse and child can (and probably should) be created/edited through CAS
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