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#1 Old 13th Jan 2023 at 6:58 PM
Default The Illiterate Challenge
After many years of playing the Sims, I have come to realize that Skill books are a stupid fast way to level skills. Let's challenge ourselves and play with a sim who cannot read!

Le steps:

1. Create your sim. This sim can have any traits EXCEPT Bookworm.
2. Plonk the Sim down into the town of your choice. You may learn skills via classes around town to start off learning skills to level up.
3. The only skill your sim is forbidden from learning is the Writing skill because, after all, they are illiterate.
4. Level up skills your sim does learn by doing stuff around town. Whether it's gardening, playing chess, fishing, or tinkering with objects, your sim cannot read skill books to level up these skills.
5. The challenge is complete when your sim masters six different skills.
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